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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, January 29. As for the graphic, it’s yet more evidence of the harm that Chuckie Todd and all the other corporate, right-wing “useful idiots” on Sunday morning’s blatherfest do to America and the world.

*Mainstream Media Outlets Help Romney Smear Hillary Clinton With Discredited Attacks (“ABC And CBS Uncritically Repeat Romney Attacks On Clinton”)

*MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Highlights Conservative Media Criticism Of Sarah Palin Following Iowa Speech (“Hayes: ‘Many Of Us Did Not Need Six Whole Years’ To Realize Sarah Palin ‘Has No Business’ Being President.” Right, it took me about six whole MINUTES to figure out Palin was an imbecile, and that John McCain’s decision to pick her as his running mate reflected extremely poorly on him as well.)

*Huckabee’s hateful true colors: Why his dig about Fox’s “trashy” women is so revealing (“His public image as a softy never quite matched his sexist, bigoted rhetoric. Now we know whom we’re dealing with.” Now? Many of us have known for years.)

*Tea partiers race to the starting blocks (No matter how far right the Republican Party lurches, it’s never enough for the John Birch Society “extremism…is no vice” wing.)

*Federal Coal Program Costing Taxpayers And States More Than $1 Billion Per Year In Lost Royalties (We have our own taxpayer-funded corporate welfare giveaways to the fossil fuel industry going on here in Virginia, too.)

*The NFL’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year (”

From domestic violence and concussions to racist team names and angry cheerleaders, 2014 was a rotten year for pro football.” What’s amazing is that most Americans just keep on watchin’…)

*Andrew Sullivan Retires From Blogging (I was never a big fan, but he’s no doubt a major figure in the history of blogging.)

*Dems oppose Obama offshore drilling plan (Most, anyway, but not Senators Kaine and Warner. Ugh.)

*House and Senate panels defeat same-sex marriage bills (“House and Senate panels on Wednesday defeated measures that would have repealed the statutory prohibitions in Virginia law on gay marriages, civil unions and other personal contracts between same-sex couples.” Yep, that’s the Republican Party for ya.)

*House panel proposes raises for state employees, teachers

*General Assembly: House GOP spurns McAuliffe on reducing coal tax credits (The taxpayer-funded corporate welfare gravy continues for the fossil fuel industry. Ah, “free markets,” gotta love ’em.))

*Public contract should be public (“Open-records laws aren’t designed to be convenient for officials; they’re intended to ensure government operates transparently, particularly with regard to spending taxpayer dollars.”)

*Annoying but plausible: McDonnells could be fully cleared on appeal (“Fuzzy federal laws and Virginia’s lack of ethics rules could overturn the two convictions.”)

*This time, gun bill passes Virginia Senate committee (“After confusion in a committee Monday, a bill was reconsidered Wednesday. The legislation would stop someone from owning a gun for a year following a conviction for misdemeanor stalking of a family member, sexual battery of a family member or assault and battery of a family member.”)

*Parrish first Republican to enter race for Virginia Senate (“Manassas Mayor Harry J. “Hal” Parrish II will announce Thursday that he is running for the state Senate seat that retiring Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-Prince William) has held for a generation.”)

*HRT unlikely to get Va. lawmakers’ OK for dedicated revenue

*Va. bill would let Dominion keep its books closed to the public until 2023 (“The measure is needed to protect the utility from onerous federal regulations, the proposer says.” More like time to break up this out-of-control, thuggish, corrupt, polluting company.)

*Former Rep. Jim Moran from Northern Virginia to lobby on behalf of defense, tech (Shocker. Not.)

*Stop blaming U-Va. sorority sisters and other women for rape problem

*Tejada will not run for reelection to Arlington board

*DEVELOPING: Leesburg’s Ken Reid won’t seek re-election

*Cold today, with possible light rain or wintry mix; chance of weekend snow

  • See here:

    Report Range: 07/01/2014 to 12/31/2014

    Report Filed: 01/02/2015

    Election Cycle: 11/2015

    Office Sought: Member County Board

    Balance Last Reporting Period: $1,740.92

    No Activity Reported

    More broadly, I don’t see Hynes gearing up to run for reelection, or acting “like a candidate” in any other way. I mean, we’ll see, but my money is on her NOT running for reelection this year.

  • From the Virginia Senate Dem Caucus:


    Committee defeats three Democratic bills intended to protect access to safe, legal abortion

    RICHMOND, VA – This morning, in a series of party-line or near-party-line votes, the Senate Committee on Education & Health defeated three Democratic bills that would have repealed or mitigated laws and policies designed to shame women and deny them access to safe, legal abortion. Not only are Senate Republicans’ votes offensive and harmful to women, but they act as a very clear barrier to economic growth by discouraging women from bringing their expertise to the Commonwealth and establishing businesses or raising families.

    Sen. Mamie Locke’s (D – Hampton) SB 733 would have repealed Virginia’s mandatory ultrasound law, passed by a Republican-controlled legislature in 2012 in the face of massive protest. Sen. Jennifer Wexton’s (D – Loudoun) SB 920 would have repealed the mandatory waiting period between an ultrasound and an abortion. Sen. Donald McEachin’s (D – Henrico) SB 769 would have enabled women to spend private dollars on private insurance coverage for abortion.

    Sen. Locke’s and Sen. McEachin’s bills failed on party-line votes of 8-7. Sen. Wexton’s bill failed on a near-party-line vote of 9-6.

    Said Senator Locke, “The issue of medically unnecessary mandatory transabdominal ultrasounds has nothing to do with informed consent — but rather it has to do with a woman being able to make her own decision. I ask the women of Virginia: do you want me, a political science professor, to make your healthcare decisions for you? Or do you want this to be a decision made between you and your doctor?”

    Said Senator Wexton, “Many say that this additional waiting period gives women more time to think — I would submit that women don’t get abortions on a lark. I guarantee you that by the time a woman picks up the phone she has thought long and hard about her options… Saying that a woman needs more time to think about this information is, frankly, insulting.”

    Said Senator McEachin, “Today we saw big government at its worst. The state has no business telling women that they can’t use private dollars to buy private insurance that covers a safe and legal procedure. Instead of respecting individuals’ right to make their own decisions, Republicans voted for intrusive and senseless government meddling. I am deeply disappointed.”

  • Today I voted against passage of legislation to summarily approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Our national goal should be to generate energy cleaner tomorrow than we do today, not to embrace tar sands oil that is 15-20% more pollution-intensive than conventional oil. Instead of accelerating the use of tar sands oil, we should grow our economy by embracing cleaner energy (e.g., natural gas, wind, solar) developed through American innovation.


    Delegates reject legislation to disarm stalkers, domestic abusers

    Richmond, VA-Despite riveting testimony from a woman who was shot five times by her abusive husband, a Virginia House committee today refused to take common-sense steps to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals who have been convicted of crimes including domestic violence, sexual battery and stalking.

    “This is a great day for anyone who beats up their spouses and children and can now rest assured that the Virginia legislature is protecting their right to remain armed and dangerous,” said Lori Haas, Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) and Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws (VRGL).

    The House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1 rejected several pieces of gun-related legislation, including HB 2085, which sought to prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence, sexual battery, and stalking from purchasing and possessing firearms.

    HB 2085 was also supported by the Virginia State Police, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Alliance.

    At today’s hearing, House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee #1 also voted down HB 1904, which would have made it a class 1 misdemeanor to knowingly authorize a child between the ages of 0-4 to use a firearm and; HB 1923, which would have required background checks on all private sales of firearms with an exemption for immediate family members.

    The members of the subcommittee are Matthew Fariss (R-59th), Todd Gilbert (R-15th), Roslyn Tyler (D-75th), Michael Webert (R-18th) and Chair Thomas Wright (R-61st).

    The companion bill to HB 2085, SB 943, was approved by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee yesterday and will soon be considered by the full Senate.


    The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy.