Delegates Lopez, Sullivan, Rasoul; Senator Favola Speak Out on Combatting Climate Change


    Thank you to everyone fighting for climate action in Virginia. The forces of inaction are strong and well funded, but their position is completely untenable, certainly in the long run but hopefully in the short-to-medium run as well. That is, if we want to have a habitable planet to live on. Sadly, a lot of fossil fuel folks and their political allies care more about profit and greed than about current and future generations. Also note that moving to clean energy is a “win-win-win,” in that it’s good for the environment AND for the economy AND for electricity consumers (aka, all of us). So don’t buy the false environment/economy tradeoff meme; it’s utter bull****, just like most other words you hear coming out of the fossil fuel folks’ mouths.

    • kindler

      There are those who will say this is a waste of time because the GOP-controlled House & Senate will never let anything reasonable pass.  But ths is not about winning every battle right now — the only way to win ultimately is to play the long game.  

      You keep the issue in play, keep educating the public, keep showing determination, keep it up until the moment when we have the power to act — at which point, we better be ready to take advantage of that moment, before it passes.