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Virginia Republican Delegate Shares Image About Dog Eating Baltimore Protestors


FYI, the guy who shared this lovely image on his Facebook page is Virginia Delegate Hyland “Buddy” Fowler, Jr., a Republican (of course) representing parts of Caroline County, Hanover County and Spotsylvania County. Nope, not racist at all…

  • Henrico  – Senator A. Donald McEachin today released this statement in response to Del. Fowler’s insensitive  posting on his Facebook page. (http://bluevirginia.us/diary/13256/virginia-republican-delegate-shares-racist-image).

    Senator McEachin said, “I am dismayed and, frankly, disgusted, by Del. Fowler’s posting. I don’t know whether he thinks it is a joke or funny,  but what I do know is that it is insensitive, unhelpful and in total disregard for the difficult situation facing the citizens of Baltimore and, honestly,  the public safety officers. As Baltimore residents express their frustration and anger over the death of an unarmed citizen and as police struggle to maintain order in these difficult times, Del. Fowler chooses to exacerbate a tense and very difficult situation with his idea of humor, if one can even stoop to call it that.

    “Six officers have been charged with homicide, other police are tainted by what happened and residents fear for their safety, the safety of their businesses and homes and look for a way to peaceably express their frustrations and fears. Instead of offering constructive assistance or at least sympathy and  understanding, Del, Fowler treats this potentially life and death situation in the most hostile and insensitive manner possible. He has abrogated his responsibility as a public servant.

    “I am disgusted beyond words and suggest to him that a complete apologetic retraction would only begin to heal the salt he has poured on legitimate wounds,” Senator McEachin concluded.

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    More of the same.  They put out racist memes,      thinking they will russel up more votes than condemnations

  • My opponent has scrubbed his Facebook  page and website of the inflammatory post showing a police dog with teeth bared, a police officer with face covered, and the saying: go ahead and run. He likes fast food. And setting it off, Del. Fowler’s suggestion, this is what they need in Baltimore to “calm” things down.

    It takes more than scrubbing to erase from our memories this racist and stereotypical image.  The damage is done. Del. Fowler’s apology “to anyone who was offended” rings hollow.  This isn’t the first incident involving Del. Fowler and racial issues. The Hanover County Democratic Committee’s Black Caucus took Fowler to task for referring to president Obama as “Obammy” in a letter dated June 2014.

    I call on Del. Fowler to do more than offer a boilerplate apology.  It’s time for Del. Fowler to realize that his words have consequences and that these very important issues need to be treated with consideration and understanding, not with racial stereotyping.

  • Senator Dance said, “I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I saw my former colleague, Del. Fowler, post what he did on Facebook. In these difficult times, when unarmed men are shot on the streets, public safety officers are under arrest and citizens’ long standing frustrations are boiling over, Del. Fowler chooses to make what I guess he thinks is a joke. It is not funny for police trying to keep order; it is not funny for frightened residents who fear for their homes and businesses and even their lives; it is not funny for peaceful protesters trying to express their frustrations and legitimate concerns. ”

    “This situation should be dealt with by trying to understand the concerns and needs of all involved and with utmost sensitivity and understanding.  He owes all of us, but particularly all the citizens of Baltimore, protesters and police included, an apology and he needs to do that immediately,” Senator Dance concluded.