New Virginia Congressional Map One Step Closer to Reality?


    Great news…Virginia appears to be one step closer to better — or at least less horrendously gerrymandered — Congressional districts! For some background on this case, see Court declares Virginia’s congressional map unconstitutional and Virginia’s Congressional Map Will Get Second Look by Courts.

    UPDATE: Here’s the decision: “District court decision on remand from Supreme Court finding third congressional district an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.” Also see the Election Law Blog, which reports: “the three judge court today found that racial considerations predominated over others in the drawing of Virginia’s third congressional redistricting, and that such consideration of race was not justified by any compelling state interest.”

    • ProgressVA today released the following statement from executive director Anna Scholl in response to a federal court ruling striking down Virginia’s congressional district map and mandating it must be redrawn by September 1.

      “We applaud the District Court’s decision that Virginia’s congressional map must be redrawn. Our elections should be free, fair, and accessible, but when politicians manipulate elections by drawing voting maps designed to keep themselves and their party in power, citizens lose the ability to have a say and hold elected officials accountable. We urge the General Assembly to pull back the curtain and quickly draw new election maps that reflect the will of the people, not politicians, in a process that is impartial and transparent.”

    • Today’s decision by the U.S. District Court is consistent with the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama.  While I was not involved in this lawsuit, I was a proponent of the redistricting plan sponsored by State Senator Mamie Locke in 2011, which made all congressional districts in the Commonwealth more compact and contiguous.  I hope and expect the General Assembly will more equitably and appropriately balance the influence of all Virginia’s voters, as mandated by this decision, when they redraw the third congressional district and adjacent congressional districts by the September 1st deadline.

    • Ron

      I sincerely hope to see Bobby Scott and Donald McEachin elected in 2016! (And, if we could also get rid of the odious Scott Rigell and Barbara Comstock, we’d finally be on the right path)