We Couldn’t Agree More, Virginia GOP


    LOL – good times! 🙂 

    We Couldn't Agree More, Virginia GOP
    “'While we have been fighting the last couple of years, Democrats are out grass-roots training hundreds of volunteers. They have been holding meeting after meeting while we have been fighting amongst ourselves.” 
    – John Whitbeck, Chair, Republican Party of Virginia, June 27th, 2015
    “The night before the SCC meeting, the Democrats held a massive fundraiser in Fairfax County, where – joined by Hillary Clinton and Governor McAuliffe –they raised $1 million for the Democratic Party of Virginia. Yes, that’s right – DPVA raised in one night four times what it took us three months to raise. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?”

    – Brian Schoeneman, Virginia Republican activist, June 29th, 2015 

    • ir003436

      I’m just heartbroken over the situation in which the VA GOP finds itself.

    • True Blue

      Will it matter?  Kochs (or some other political predator) will swoop in to rescue them.  

    • Constable Fraser

      And how no one can be president without winning Virginia.

      Say what? Virginia has 13 electoral votes, that’s all. We may love our commonwealth and adore living in it (I do), but that doesn’t necessarily make it important. It can’t compare with California’s massive number of electoral votes, or even the electoral votes of New York, Florida, and Texas.

      So why are people pretending Virginia is important?

    • Constable Fraser

      I knew it was considered a swing state but I didn’t know why it was important.