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Sen. Mark Obenshain (R) Goes Completely Unhinged Over Democratic Challenger


We already knew that Mark Obenshain — whose main claims to fame include working to criminalize miscarriages, hating puppies and other animals, and walking out of the State Senate rather than vote on an openly gay nominee for a judgeship — was a nutty, far-right-wing extremist. Now, he’s being challenged for reelection to the State Senate by Democratic candidate April Moore and he’s completely wigging out. Check out his latest, unhinged tiradee about April Moore – a strong environmentalist and progressive, but almost certainly in the majority on pretty much every major issue (e.g., support for clean energy, which is in the 80%-90% range in Virginia and nationwide). According to Obenshain:

*”A Democratic Senate will be nothing more than a rubberstamp for McAuliffe’s out-of-touch liberal agenda…” Blah blah blah. I mean, seriously, if Obenshain really thinks that “business friendly” Terry McAuliffe is particularly liberal, he really might want to talk to an actual liberal (or environmentalist) sometime, who will undoubtedly give him an earful.

*He claims that April Moore is “a self-described full-time climate change activist,” as if that’s a bad thing. Apparently, Obenshain prefers an uninhabitable planet and continued reliance on dirty, dangerous, expensive fossil fuels forever, just like his pay/puppet-masters at Dominion Power, the coal industry, and of course the Koch brothers want.

*Obenshain accuses April Moore of having the audacity to “[advocate] for self-avowed socialist and presidential contender, Bernie Sanders.” From that, he concludes that “Hillary Clinton is apparently not liberal enough for her, which makes her far too liberal for the Shenandoah Valley!” Of course, Bernie Sanders’ beliefs are very much in the mainstream of the American public. For instance, see According To Polls Most Americans Are Socialists Like Bernie Sanders, which talks about how on issue after issue, the majority of Americans are with Sanders.