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Video: Jeb Bush Says To Fix Economy, Americans Need to “Work Longer Hours”


Just like his brother, and to a lesser extent his father, Jeb Bush has utterly zero clue about how the economy works, what working class people are going through, etc, etc. Pathetic.

  • GBrandon

    What does the “end of work” mean, exactly? It does not mean the imminence of total unemployment, nor is the United States remotely likely to face, say, 30 or 50 percent unemployment within the next decade. Rather, technology could exert a slow but continual downward pressure on the value and availability of work-that is, on wages and on the share of prime-age workers with full-time jobs. Eventually, by degrees, that could create a new normal, where the expectation that work will be a central feature of adult life dissipates for a significant portion of society.


  • Statement from Virginia Democrats Chairwoman Susan Swecker On Jeb Bush’s Out-of-Touch Comments

    Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement on Jeb Bush’s comments that Americans just need to “work longer hours” to get ahead:

    “As a Republican Party standard-bearer, Jeb Bush shows us that the choice Virginia voters face this November could not be more clear. Democrats are focused on improving the economy and creating jobs, while the Republican Party line, from discriminating against LGBT people to insulting hardworking Americans, is out-of-touch with mainstream Virginia priorities.”