Home Virginia Politics Monday News: “Phony objectivity helped create Donald Trump”; Sanders Barnstorms Virginia

Monday News: “Phony objectivity helped create Donald Trump”; Sanders Barnstorms Virginia


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, September 14. Also, check out that photo of the dumbest member of Congress, Louie Gohmert, with bat****-crazy extremist Ken Kookinelli (at, of course, a Manassas Tea Party event – lol).

*Poll: Trump, Carson top GOP race; Clinton support erodes

*Battleground Tracker: Sanders Surges in IA, NH; Clinton up in SC

*Germany Closes Its Border With Austria, Hoping to Stop the Refugee Flow

*Pressure Grows on GOP Hopefuls to Take Sharper Aim at Trump

*McConnell’s fall mandate: Keep calm, avert catastrophe

*Sanders brings surging campaign to two very different parts of Virginia on Monday (Liberty University and Manassas)

*In Va., campaign trail could prove rockier for Bernie Sanders

*The media made this f**king monster: How phony objectivity helped create Donald Trump (“The old ‘both sides do it’ lie keeps the press from talking honestly about politics, and helps empower the right.” Bingo.)

*5 worst right-wing moments of the week – Dr. Ben Carson heaps fresh disgrace on his title

*Rick Perry Warned The GOP That They Are Being Too Racist

*Editorial: Should Virginia reduce solitary confinement? (“Regardless of whether solitary confinement can withstand judicial scrutiny, it certainly merits legislative scrutiny.”)

*Our view: Just how much gerrymandering do we have? (“We’re about to find out what nonpartisan redistricting looks like.”)

*The Rising Tide: Coastal Virginian Lobbies Congress On Climate Change

*On the Record: Franklin County supervisors to hear pipeline update

*Failure of leadership in Portsmouth (“AS FAR AS power trips go, Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright’s latest is a doozy. The leader of Hampton Roads’ most dysfunctional and cash-strapped city has galvanized a majority on the City Council to help him amplify distractions, clamp down on dissent and rule over a city government that is unraveling. Conditions keep getting worse.”)

*Could renaming streets in Northern Virginia promote racial healing?

*Fight brews over law that threatens private animal shelters if euthanasia rates are too high

*D.C. area forecast: Awesome warm, sunny weather this week, but it may not rain