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Announced and Possible Virginia Congressional, Statewide Candidates for 2016 and 2017


A few weeks ago, I listed potential candidates on the Democratic side for Virginia Lt. Governor in 2017. That got me thinking it might be helpful to do a list of potential Congressional and statewide candidates in 2016 and 2017. If you know of anyone I missed, please let us know in the comments section. Thanks.


1st CD: Rep. Rob Wittman running for reelection; no Republican or Democratic opponent(s) that I’m aware of (UPDATE: I hear rumors that Dems might have someone…stay tuned. OK, it’s Matt Rowe — former Chair of the Caroline County Committee and a town council member in Bowling Green.)
2nd CD: Rep. Scott Rigell (R) stepping down; Randy Forbes running for Rigell’s seat, as are Scott Taylor and Pat Cardwell. On the Democratic side, to date I’ve mostly heard about those NOT running, such as 2009 LG nominee Jody Wagner and probably not 2012 Democratic House candidate Paul Hirschbiel. We’ll see if anyone steps up for this “purple” district on the Democratic side.
3rd CD: Rep. Bobby Scott (D) appears to be unopposed — a wise move by Republicans, if that’s the case.
4th CD: Rep. Randy Forbes (R) moving to the 2nd CD; Republican Henrico County Sheriff Mike Wade is running, as are Democrats State Sen. Donald McEachin, Chesapeake City Council member and 2012 Democratic nominee Ella Ward, possibly 2014 Democratic nominee Elliott Fausz and maybe others…
5th CD: Rep. Robert Hurt (R) stepping down; a slew of Republicans — State Sen. Tom Garrett, Andrew Griffin, Jim McKelvey, Joseph Whited, Michael Del Rosso — and Democrat Jane Dittmar running to fill the seat.
6th CD: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R) is running for reelection; faces Republican primary opponent Harry Griego. I haven’t heard of a Democrat running in the 6th CD as of yet.
7th CD: Rep. Dave Brat (R) running for reelection; no GOP opponent(s), but Democrat Robert Maddux running against him, as is Democrat Eileen Bedell and possibly 2014 nominee Jack Trammell.
8th CD: Two Republicans – Mike Webb and Charles Hernick – are running for the right to lose badly to Rep. Don Beyer (D).
9th CD: Rep. Morgan Griffith (R) running for reelection; no GOP opponent(s), but Democrat Bill Bunch is taking him on. UPDATE: Democrats Derek W. Kitts, Janice Allen Boyd and D. Clay Pugh are also running.
10th CD: Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) is running for reelection and has no GOP opponent(s), but Democrat LuAnn Bennett is running to replace her in this top-tier race.
11th CD: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) does not currently face any Republican opposition.


Governor: Ed Gillespie, Rep. Rob Wittman and god knows who else (former Virginia AG and 2013 GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli? businessman and 2013 LG candidate Pete Snyder? State Sen. Frank Wagner? State Sen. Bill Stanley? others?) are running on the Republican side against likely Democratic nominee Ralph Northam.
Lt. Governor: State Sen. Bryce Reeves, State Sen. Jill Vogel and potentially other Republicans (PW County Board Chair and Donald Trump’s statewide chair Corey Stewart? Pete Snyder? State Sen. Frank Wagner? State Sen. Bill Stanley? former Del. David Ramadan? Del. Israel O’Quinn? others?) are running against one of these Democrats. UPDATE: Add Republican Del. Glenn Davis to the list of candidates.
Attorney General: Repubicans Del. Rob Bell, attorney and former Navy officer John Adams and attorney/U.S. Marine Chuck Smith are running to take on current AG Mark Herring.

  • Video: Del. Rip Sullivan (appropriately enough) RIPS Republicans for politicizing Supreme Court justice selection process, says “there are no rails,” “noone has ever been elected to the Virginia Supreme Court without first applying to the job,” without being interviewed,” without undergoing any vetting,” and “without an open and public process.” In this case, Republicans “picked a nominee out of thin air.


  • From Rep. Don Beyer (D-8th):

    Beyer Welcomes US-Canada Climate Announcement

    March 10, 2016 (Washington, DC) – Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) voiced his support for the joint agreement announced today by President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reduce methane emissions. The leaders announced today’s agreement in a ceremony at the White House to greet the Canadian Prime Minister, the first official visit by a Canadian head of state in two decades.

    “Today’s accord between two of the world’s largest economies takes important steps to combat climate change. I applaud President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau for negotiating this agreement to reduce the United States’ and Canada’s methane emissions. Cutting our methane output is critical to ensuring a healthy world and to preserving the vitality of the precious Arctic our countries share,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “This sort of progress is necessary to achieve our commitments under the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. I support this plan and look forward to continuing to work with the Obama Administration to address the causes and consequences of climate change. It is a threat we cannot ignore.”

    Methane is a powerful contributor to the greenhouse effect, that is 25 times as strong as carbon dioxide. After leaking from oil wells and pipelines, the gas traps solar energy and helps increase the global temperature. President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau also expressed their commitment to hasten the implementation of the Paris Climate Summit provisions.