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Sunday News: “Trump Didn’t Put the Con in Conservatism;” AIPAC Hosts Hatemongers


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 20.

  • Video: So much for principle, now McConnell says he opposes Garland b/c he’s opposed by NRA, other right-wing groups


    • Esther Ferington

      Of course, the NRA also opposed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Sotomayor was approved 68 to 31. Kagan was 63 to 37. As you say, though, McConnell is now choosing to look at the “person” instead of the “principle,” so I guess he should meet with Garland after all. That’s why the nominees always meet with Senators individually, to talk over the cases that organizations like the NRA point to. Common fairness suggests they get that chance to respond.

  • Video: George Will says Donald Trump’s GOP would be “the party of white people” only, would destroy GOP.


  • Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham says Trump would lose in 2016 and “destroy the party for decades to come.” Graham adds, “I believe Donald Trump would be an absolute, utter disaster for the Republican Party, destroy conservatism as we know it, we would get wiped out and it would take generations to overcome a Trump candidacy.” “Donald has a four-legged stool…economic populism, xenophobia, race baiting and religious bigotry…that is not conservatism.”


  • Video: Amy Goodman rips networks for obsessive Trump coverage, ignoring Sanders. “The media manufactures consent,” in this case “the exposure for Trump is very frightening.”