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Super Tuesday News: “Trump’s campaign of hate;” “Rubio and Cruz are the real monsters;” Clinton Rallies in Virginia


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, March 1 (“Super Tuesday”). By the way, get ready for a slew of ads in states all across America tying Republican candidates to Trump. This is going to be fun. 🙂 Oh yeah, and you’ve gotta love George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen campaigning for Tea Partier Marco Rubio, along with GOP “attack dog” Barbara Comstock. What a trio! LOL

  • Video: Gov. Terry McAuliffe comes out against offshore oil drilling!


  • From NARAL and Progress VA:

    Virginia House Refuses to Consider Equal Rights Amendment

    Women’s equality measure defeated after Delegate Cole denies vote, debate

    Richmond, VA – On Friday, February 26, Mark Cole (R-88), Chairman of the Virginia House of Delegates’ Committee on Privileges and Elections, unilaterally denied the request to hold a vote on SJ.1, the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. His action effectively defeated the resolution – which enjoyed bipartisan support in the Virginia Senate – for the 2016 session.

    Passage of the measure would have codified equal rights and protections to both sexes and prohibit sex discrimination under Virginia law. Ratification of the amendment would bring the country one state closer to enshrining the protections in the U.S. Constitution.

    Members of the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition condemned the defeat of equal rights amendment:

    “We are very disappointed that Delegate Cole overruled the request to hear the Equal Rights Amendment bill today,” said Mary E. Crutchfield, President of the League of Women Voters of the Richmond Metro Area. “There should have been an opportunity for debate on this bill. To deny a hearing and discussion of the bill is not democratic.”

    “We are disappointed that Delegate Cole rejected this commonsense, necessary measure without even allowing opportunity for debate,” said Candace Graham, co-founder of Women Matter. “It’s time that legislators stopped playing politics with fundamental equality for Virginia women.”

    “In summarily blocking any discussion of the bill, Delegate Cole has made it clear that he is the sole obstruction to the democratic process in Virginia on this issue, said Pat Fishback, Coordinator of the Centennial Rally for Equal Rights. “Supporters of the bill, both on the committee and in the audience, were denied any opportunity to discuss the bill on its merits. This is plain wrong.”

    The Equal Rights Amendment was a priority of the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition, a diverse group of organizations dedicated to ensuring that Virginia women and girls have equal opportunity to participate fully in civic, economic, and political life. For more information about the Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition, please see here.

  • Senator McEachin Expresses Disappointment At Passage of Book Banning Bill

    Richmond- Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today expressed his dismay at the passage of House Bill 516, that allows the censorship of books. Senator McEachin said, “I am distressed that we would remove from local school districts the ability to make the best decision and policy for their districts.

    “According to the American Association of Libraries, we would be the first and only state to have a policy like this. This bill could potentially censor authors such as Toni Morrison who is the last American author to win a Nobel prize for literature. The Invisible Man is a seminal book on race relations that provides important context for our adolescents growing up.

    “Students taking advanced course make a conscious decision to tackle advanced topics. Let’s not deprive our students of knowledge, history and context. This bill is a step backwards.