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Comstock brings Congressional fear-mongering to a new level


The latest message from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) is something I’d expect from one of those right-wing outfits like NewsMax, or from a more extreme Congressperson like Steve King (R-IA). But coming from a supposed moderate in a diverse, well-educated district in Northern Virginia, this is a unprecedented. Barbara Comstock is a very clever politician so she should know better. If I was one of her supporters, I’d be insulted.

Comstock either believes that federal maximum security prisons are so insecure that terrorists could end up on the loose, or she thinks her supporters are dumb enough to believe it. Either way, not good. The truth is that nobody has ever escaped from such a prison, as confirmed by Politifact.

Will Comstock walk this one back? Of course not. This is just another cynical ploy to dupe her supporters into giving her money.

  • Andy Schmookler

    I applaud your calling Comstock out on this nonsense. That people on the right have fallen for something so preposterous ever since 2009 is surely a datum of some sort of aberrant psychological process. (Is it a case of fear turning off the higher centers of the brain?)

    If one thinks about it, one of those Guantanamo guys on the loose would be a whole lot less dangerous — given that they’d be fish completely out of water — than most of the other prisoners already in these maximum security prisons. That, as you note, is even if escape were a real possibility.

    Perhaps Comstock’s next mailing should alarm people of the terrible possibility of the Muslims among us imposing Sharia law? After all, wouldn’t it be easy for a tiny minority, already subject to serious suspicion and occasional persecution, to force its will onto the nation?