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Monday News: GOP-Controlled Senate Does No Work, Claims It’s “Back to Work”; VA Trump Chair to Run for Gov in 2017


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, May 2. Also, check out video of Virginia Trump Chair (and Prince William County Board Chair) Corey Stewart, who is planning to run for governor next year, rant about illegal immigration. Now that Cooch has announced he isn’t running, there’s room for other wingnuts, like Corey — gonna be ugly.

  • Not sure why the Corey Stewart for gov news is finally being noticed on May 2, when it was tweeted out by several reporters on April 30.


  • DPVA Chairwoman Statement on Virginia Republicans’ Anti-Voting Rights Lawsuit

    Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement on Virginia Republicans’ anti-voting rights lawsuit:

    “Virginia Republicans are utterly predictable. Instead of working to earn the votes of Virginians who have paid their debts to society, Republicans would rather strip them of their rights.

    “Republicans will stop at nothing to preserve Civil War era barriers to the polls, which disproportionally affect African American and minority voters. Time after time they have jumped at the opportunity to make it harder to vote. Between voter ID laws, regulations governing absentee voting, and practices at the polls, Republicans actively work to silence voices across the Commonwealth.”

  • Anti-Semitic “joke” dude (RPV Chair John Whitbeck) continues to demonstrate that he’s completely, utterly off the deep end. WTF????

    “The 2017 Democrat primary is going to feature views on policy more consistent with the City of San Francisco than with the Commonwealth of Virginia,” state GOP chairman John Whitbeck said in a statement. “When Justin Fairfax ran for Attorney General he was defeated by the most extreme left politician in Virginia’s history. We expect him to run a Bernie Sanders-like campaign even further to the left to ensure he doesn’t lose this time.”