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Saturday News: Trump’s “Beyond Bizarre” Post-Brexit Press Conference; VA GOP Delegate Files Lawsuit; RIP Ralph Stanley


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, June 25. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, on designating the Stonewall National Monument – “the first national monument dedicated to telling the story of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community’s struggle for equal rights.”

  • Va_lady2008

    Question about Mr. Trump’s Scitland trip: who picked up the costs? Did he charge it to the campaign?

  • Video: Shields and Brooks on Brexit


    • Quizzical

      Shields and Brooks gave a very good analysis. One comment by Brooks though struck me as off – when he said, speaking of the elites, that “we’ve let the system be flooded and overwhelmed by immigrants.” I don’t recall Congress ever voting to allow 12 million undocumented workers into the country (does anyone really know the actual number?) Likewise, in the UK: they voted to join the EU in 1970, but the immigrants there were allowed in largely due to EU laws about open borders and right to work in other EU countries.

      Deny people any say in something this big for years, and then give them a chance to vote on it, however indirectly, seems like a recipe for a runaway electorate.

  • Video: Ralph Stanley – Welcome to My Southwest Virginia


  • Video: New ad by “Delegates Unbound” urges GOP delegates to “follow your conscience”


  • Former Virginia Democratic State Senate candidate, Muslim-American leader Atif Qarni vows not to visit Britain after anti-immigrant “Brexit” vote.

    One of my favorite trips Fatima Pashaei and I took was to London. Just the other day I was telling her we should go again. After this Brexit vote, there is no way I’m giving my money to the Brits. The major reason the Brexit referendum passed was because there was a rise in immigration. For centuries the Brits exploited all parts of the world. Now they want to close off their borders. Hmm, I wonder who that sounds like?

  • Twitter mocks Trump’s idiocy on Scotland “going wild” over Brexit, when in fact they voted strongly REMAIN! (just when you think Trump couldn’t get any “more stupider,” he does)


    • GBrandon

      There is a distinct possibility that Scotland will have a second referendum — the first was in 2014 — to depart the United Kingdom over this very issue.

      • Yeah, I’d say almost certain…and that they will vote to leave the UK (and stay in the EU).

  • Quizzical

    I’ve been reading a lot of the post-Brexit analysis, and some of the themes are distressingly familiar. Mill towns and manufacturing centers that have been de-industrialized, that are just shells of what they once were, and cannot even support thrift shops and dollar stores. Entire industries that shut down or left the country. Wages undercut by an endless influx of immigrants who will work for a fraction of what used to be the going wage rate, and who are living 10 to a flat. The health system and schools being overwhelmed by the same flood of immigrants. A financial and professional class in the large urban areas who are well to do and oblivious to what life has become like in the former manufacturing centers in the middle of the country. A rate of change in the economy and in society that is frightening and alienating. In short, the Leave vote appears to have been to a significant extent a protest vote concerning all the above — a protest vote taken heedless of the economic risks and uncertainty, and with widespread dissatisfaction and distrust of all the political leadership in all parties.

    So I think it is an instructive lesson, and a warning. Even though Trump is patently unfit to be President of the United States, I think he is going to get a significant percentage of the vote as a protest vote. Add that protest vote to the loyal Republican base – who will turn out to vote against Hillary – Trump has a shot at winning.

  • Video: New Hillary Clinton TV ad, “Kayla,” to run in Virginia