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Wednesday News: Pence or Gingrich (Ugh!) for Trump Running Mate? Kaine the “steady VP pick” for Clinton?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 13. Also, check out President Obama’s brilliant, insightful, spot-on speech in Dallas.

  • Quizzical

    The Affordable Care Act was in part a jobs bill. Wow. So this is why there was no public option –that would be too efficient.

  • C-ville radio/TV host Coy Barefoot sums it up perfectly on Donald Trump:

    RE-POSTING. and I will continue to do so. I don’t play the team sport of politics, so I would caution you NOT to see this as any kind of endorsement of his Democratic opponent. it is what it is. the lessons of history are loud and clear.
    FOR THOSE OF YOU who’ve commented on this page how troubled and angered you are by articles I link to that compare Donald Trump’s politics to Adolph Hitler. this is for you.

    Perhaps Hitler has become too much of a caricature of pure evil for you. You can’t see past the cartoon. You’ve perhaps lost sight of the fact that he was a very real man, a very real politician. Maybe history has blinded you to the past. Let me help remind you.

    Hitler was a passionate and engaging speaker. He embodied charisma, machismo, and a charming arrogance. He had a natural instinct for theatrics and knew how to play to the camera as well as to the crowd. He had a knack for slogans and buzzwords that his followers liked to repeat. He painted himself as the most patriotic among them, and he told his supporters that they were the REAL patriots, that no one loved their country like they did. He made his supporters feel like they were joining a cause, a kind of army of patriots who would take their country back.

    He condemned the liberal left that ran his nation’s government as being communist sympathizers who’d sold out his country. He talked about his political opponents like they were enemies of the state— because in his mind, and in the minds of those who followed him, they were. The liberals were dangerous and not to be trusted because they didn’t love the country enough. He told his followers that the liberals were arrogant, know-it-all university types who had secret plans to destroy the nation. They were weak. They’d left the country vulnerable to invasion. They’d left the borders unguarded. Only under his leadership could the nation be made strong once again, could order be restored, could God and country be valued once again. At rallies and speeches he made clear his one simple goal: to recapture the glory of the nation and to make it great again.

    He sowed division and hatred, stoked suspicion and anger among the radical right wing of an educated, media savvy, democratic people— people who were suffering the aftermath of too much war and a failing economy in which money continued to be funneled upwards into fewer and fewer hands of a wealthy elite. He blamed the poor and people of color and everyone who followed religions different than his own. They were all immediate threats to everything he and his followers held dear. The only ones who were truly good and moral and just and worthy to enjoy his country’s freedom were white Christians. He condemned what we now call multiculturalism and political correctness. He denounced the mixing of peoples he’d witnessed in his nation’s biggest cities because it compromised the values and the culture of the country he loved. He promised his followers that he would shut out all the immigrants, usually the darker-skinned people who spoke different languages and who, he said, came looking for a handout, bringing with them only disease and crime. He said the nation needed to build up its military forces stronger than it ever had before, because the threats to the country had never been this critical. It was time to kill those who would threaten us, he said. And those who believed in him jumped to their feet and roared with applause and shouts of support. They chanted his name.

    Listen. Trump is not Hitler. Nor is he Mussolini or Lenin or Mao. I know that. We all know that. But I also know enough about the past to see and hear in his politics the piercing dog whistles of an ancient political tradition that existed long before even Hitler made his first speech. It is chilling to see that kind of politics getting the support it is getting in the United States in the 21st century. And I will never hesitate to call out any leader, regardless of party, for embodying one of the most shameful and dangerous political traditions of humanity.

    The founding of America heralded the modern world for one major reason: this was to be nation of people from across the globe, united in their conviction that the age of medieval warlords and dictators and priest warriors was over. American leaders were to be educated, critical thinkers who had taken the lessons of history to heart, who weren’t afraid of new ideas and new discoveries and new ways of doing things. They would not be religious fanatics or militants. This was not to be a theocracy where one religious dogma would lord over the others, guiding our public policies, nor would it be a monarchy that created a permanent elite class who were entitled to rule. Wealth and privilege, religion and war, had for too long been the guideposts of human society. Those who founded America wanted to create a new nation that would be guided by new ideals, new values: like representative democracy, equal justice under the law, education, science, free thought, speech, assembly and press, privacy and security in our bodies, our homes, our papers and effects, and citizen leaders who would not be timid about asserting their rights over any force that would profit from their suppression.

    It was to be a nation where the old, medieval politics of demagogues was no longer welcome: an ancient stone age tradition of leadership that encouraged division and fear and hatred and war. Not here, our Founders said. Not anymore. Not in America.

  • Hahahaha, Cooch’s crazy candidate in Colorado getting crushed! LOL

    “Turning to the Senate race, incumbent Michael Bennet currently holds 48% of the likely vote and El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn has 35%.”

  • Video: GOP chair Reince Preibus attempts to argue that Trump’s white male VP possibilities are “diverse”