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Sunday News: Clinton Widens Lead; Trump’s Electoral Map Shrinks; Rep. Rigell (R) Endorses Gary Johnson


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 7.

  • A few more detailed results from the just-released WaPo/ABC poll:

    *President Obama has a 55%-42% job approval rating. Liberals approve of Obama’s job performance by an 83%-16% margin and moderates by a 60%-36% margin. Conservatives disapprove by a 32%-66% margin.
    *Among Democrats, Clinton leads Trump 92%-5%
    *Among Republicans, Trump leads Clinton 83%-11%
    *Among liberal Dems (presumably a lot of Sanders supporters in this group), Clinton leads Trump 92%-4%
    *In a 4-way race, liberal Dems go 89% for Clinton, 4% for Trump, 4% for Stein and 2% for Johnson.
    *Among non-whites, Trump is only getting 18% of the vote
    *Among white, college-educated voters, Clinton leads Trump 50%-44%
    *Basically, Trump gets his support from white, NON-college-educated voters, among whom he holds a 58%-33% lead over Clinton
    *Tim Kaine has a 41%-24% favorable rating, while Mike Pence is at 38%-26%.
    *By a 60%-38% margin, voters say Clinton IS qualified to serve as president. By a 38%-61% margin, voters says Trump is NOT qualified.
    *Only 31% say Trump has “the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president.” That percentage should be zero, of course – the guy’s bonkers.
    *Only 33% say Trump “has a good understanding of world affairs.” Again, seriously? Trump knows basically nothing about world affairs, and is overwhelmingly wrong on huge issues (e.g., nuclear proliferation, NATO, you name it)
    *50% of voters are “very anxious” about the prospect of a Trump presidency, with another 20% “somewhat anxious.” Only 15% are “very comfortable” with this horrible, unimaginable prospect.
    *In contrast, only 34% of voters are “very anxious” about a Clinton presidency, while 47% are either “very” (28%) or “somewhat” (18%) comfortable.
    *Americans oppose a temporary ban on Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the United States by a 51%-40% margin. That’s sad; no Americans should support this bigoted crap.
    *Only 12% of voters approve of the way Trump handled his dispute with the Khan family.
    *79% of voters say do NOT believe that “Trump shows enough respect for people he disagrees with.”
    *By a 70%-23% margin, voters believe Clinton is an optimist about the direction of the country.
    *By a 55%-38% margin, voters believe Trump is a PESSIMIST about the direction of the country.
    *By a 60%-36% margin, voters see Trump as “biased against women and minorities.” *Amazing that anyone could NOT see Trump as biased against women and minorities, which he clearly is, in the most disgusting ways.

  • Audio: Tim Kaine on Meet the Press answering Chuck(les) Todd’s brain-dead questions. Kaine says he can “brag about Hillary in a way that she’s not going to brag about herself.” On the (damn) emails, Kaine says she’s admitted many times she made a mistake with the private server, but she’s learned from it and will be very transparent as president. Also, when she talked to the FBI, her answers were truthful. On the Iran deal (a really REALLY stupid Chuck Todd question; the guy’s an embarrassment), Kaine says the “only thing new…is Donald Trump’s claiming to have seen a nonexistent video of cash being delivered to the Iranians.” “I understand why Donald Trump’s trying to make something out of it…there’s just no ‘there there.'” On bombing ISIL in Libya, Kaine says Congress should do its job and vote on authorizing the use of force against ISIL..”I really put the fault of this more on Congress’ shoulders.” On the “red line” in Syria, Kaine says the threat of using force led to brokering a deal to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile. Kaine says he will vote no on TPP in a lame-duck session due to what he believes are ineffective, unenforceable labor and enviro provisions. Kaine says if Merrick Garland’s nomination comes up in the lame-duck session, he will vote for it.