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Video: Tim Kaine Rips Donald Trump for “Choking,” “Diplomatic Amateur Hour,” “Frightening” “Deportation Nation” Speech


Sen. Tim Kaine on fire this morning! As for the idiot media, note that all they care about is “optics” and other superficialities. Gack.

  • Robert Reich:

    It’s often hard to remember how many Trump-like Republicans are already degrading public offices they hold all over America. Case in point: Maine Governor Paul LePage, who today blamed a reporter for LePage’s outburst to a state lawmaker last week, and vowed never to speak with the press again. (The outburst was an obscenity-laced voicemail on Democratic state Rep. Drew Gattine’s phone warning Gattine “I am after you.”)

    The degradation of our democracy by ignorant, racist, emotionally-stunted office-holders is the product of Tea Party extremists financed by billionaires like the Koch brothers who hate the U.S. government. Not only must Trump be defeated. We need a political revolution that eradicates LePage and his ilk like tooth decay, and fills public office with leaders who will ennoble our democracy.

  • Quizzical

    Kaine did well. As for the optics, it appears that this whole trip to Mexico was a stunt to create the optics of Donald Trump being diplomatic and restrained while meeting with a foreign leader, accomplishing nothing. Essentially the stunt relies upon people self-selecting the news they consume and seeing only what they want to see. So the Trump loyalists will see the Arizona speech only; and Republicans who want to see Trump acting Presidential will only see the press event in Mexico.