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President Barack Obama Endorses LuAnn Bennett for Congress


Great news from the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign!

Barack Obama Endorses LuAnn Bennett

McLean – In a statement released today, Barack Obama endorsed LuAnn Bennett:

“I’m proud to endorse LuAnn Bennett for the United States House of Representatives. Over the last eight years, we’ve made tremendous strides towards making our nation safer, stronger, and fairer, but it’s clear that to continue this progress, we need to send more commonsense leaders like LuAnn Bennett to Congress to get things done for the middle class. Bennett will be a champion for Virginia’s families and isn’t afraid to take on the tough fights, like defending a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, protecting Social Security and Medicare, making sure we keep our sacred promises to our nation’s veterans and their families, and addressing the crushing burden of student loan debt felt by so many Virginian students and families. LuAnn Bennett is the kind of tough and smart leader who will build on all we’ve accomplished and take our nation forward, and that’s why I know the people of Northern Virginia can count on LuAnn Bennett.”

“Barack Obama is an inspirational and transformative leader who has led our country through one of the darkest economic periods of our history and has helped lift up and inspire millions of Americans,” said LuAnn Bennett. “I am grateful for his steady leadership over these past eight years, and am deeply honored to have his endorsement and support.”

  • True Blue

    Excerpt from LTE for LuAnn Bennett:

    “LuAnn offers us the opportunity to replace an individual who has spent her entire career as a political partisan, a member of what is surely the least effective Congress in our nation’s history, who opposes equal pay for women and their right to make their own healthcare decisions, disparages the immigrants who contribute so much to our economy and culture, fought against the 2013 bipartisan transportation bill and, as a State Delegate, voted to cut funding for our public schools by $620 million! Barbara Comstock apparently at least has the grace to be ashamed of her record, as she persistently refuses to appear on the same stage with LuAnn, most recently for the October 8th Candidate’s Forum held at Handley Library in Winchester.”


    • Comstock isn’t ashamed of her record, she just knows that if 10th CD voters were aware of it, they might not vote for her. With Comstock, it’s basically all about her own ambition, plus a dollop of right-wing bull****.

      • True Blue

        GOP strategy for several years in Virginia districts seems to be a “fraidy cat” avoidance of debates – they figure that opposition research works against them. Please keep exposing them, and their abysmal voting records!

        • In stark contrast, note how Rep. Don Beyer, despite cruising to a YUGE victory on 11/8, has debate his Republican opponent (Charles Hernick) multiple times? Quite a contrast from Teapublicans Comstock, BADlatte, Griffith, etc.

  • True Blue