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    Re Trump’s accusation that Clinton destroyed 31,000 emails that were subject to a Congressional subpoena, here is a guide to Clinton’s emails put out by Factcheck.org:


    I guess the whole story is way too complicated to clarify in a debate setting like that, but I wish she had said more than she did in response to that charge, because I am afraid some people are going to just believe what Trump said because she didn’t jump up and down and furiously call him a liar.

    As I understand it, the subpoena was for emails relating to Benghazi. Does anyone think that 31,000 emails relating to Benghazi were destroyed? Clinton had every right to delete her personal, private correspondence, and I don’t think I have ever read of anyone even questioning that. Clinton’s law firm, Williams & Connolly, searched the emails and turned over the government-related emails to State about four months before the subpoena was issued. As it turned out, because the web hosting firm that had the email archive at that time mistakenly delayed deleting the personal emails, it seems the personal emails were deleted after the subpoena was issued. Neither Clinton nor Williams & Connolly were aware of that until after the FBI report came out. Regardless, that does not mean that the emails that were deleted were responsive to the subpoena. It also appears that the FBI in searching the State Department networks and elsewhere, came up with another 15,000 emails. I don’t think anyone knows at this point whether those emails are duplicative of emails already turned over to State, or not. Even if some of them are “new”, that doesn’t mean that they had been in the email archive of personal correspondence that was destroyed, or that those emails were responsive to the subpoena.

    So on these facts, Trump says in a Presidential debate that he wants to appoint a special prosecutor and then says that she should be in jail. It’s nothing more than outright lying to get a nice sound bite on the news.