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Video: New Jane Dittmar Ad Highlights Her Job-Creating Expertise; Tom Garrett’s Vote Against Schools


Check out Jane Dittmar‘s new ad below. For more on Dittmar’s far-right-wing opponent, see Sen. Tom Garrett’s legislation against fantasy sanctuary cities, Va. Sen. Garrett’s revision of anti-sodomy law advances; he says point is to protect minors, Senator Dick Black Strongly Endorses Tom Garrett for Congress (remember that Black’s the anti-LGBT and anti-abortion absolutist who just went to Syria to meet with and offer his support to that country’s war criminal President Bashar Asad); and Thomas Garrett, a legislator in Virginia, seems hell-bent on criminalizing oral sex between teenagers. That’s just a short list…it goes on and on. To put it mildly, Garrett is THE LAST thing we need in Congress. Go Jane Dittmar!

  • Dittmar Campaign Denounces Dark Money Funded Garrett Campaign

    CHARLOTTESVILLE—The Dittmar campaign today discussed the emergency dark money funds sent to prop up the floundering Garrett campaign.

    The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a Super PAC linked to Speaker Paul Ryan and the Karl Rove funded American Action Network, recently poured $800,000 into Tom Garrett’s struggling campaign. The CLF has since released a creatively edited and already discredited ad that purported to show Dittmar suggesting that her plan for defeating ISIS is a positive PR campaign. In reality, Dittmar has discussed the need for coordinated actions amongst global leaders to contain and defeat ISIS.

    Garrett has been comparatively unsuccessful in terms of grassroots fundraising from individual contributors. Meanwhile, Dittmar received over 12,000 individual contributions in the 3rd quarter alone.

    Garrett recently took a $1,000 contribution from Timken Company’s PAC. Timken just announced they’re closing a plant in Atavista that employs over 100 people

    While Garrett has been forced to rely largely on this influx of dark money, Dittmar has focused on earning contributions from individual supporters and was endorsed by End Citizens United. End Citizens United seeks to counteract the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United. According to their website:

    “The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. has completely changed the landscape of American elections. It further established the legal basis for the idea that “corporations are people” and opened the door for billionaires and special interests to spend unlimited, untraceable money in America’s elections. Now, there’s no accountability at all. No transparency. We know that billionaires (like the Koch Brothers) and corporations are trying to tip the balance of political power in their favor, but it doesn’t stop there.”

    “I am proud that we have received support from so many individuals,” Dittmar said. “Our fundraising reflects support of our campaign, our ideas and platform, and the desire for change in Washington. The dark money being dropped into Garrett’s campaign shows me that the Republicans are worried about keeping this seat—and they should be.”

    Garrett, in contrast, told conservative radio show host Rob Schilling that he thought that the Supreme Court “absolutely got it right in Citizens United.”

    “This dark money ‘Hail Mary’ is just another example of why Tom Garrett is wrong for our district,” said Campaign Manager Tom Vandever. “Time and time again we have seen Garrett’s obstructionism and Tea Party-antics put on display and once again he’s been bought and paid for by the same Republicans who have put our country in jeopardy for the past eight years.”