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Saturday News: President Obama Honors Our Veterans; U.S. Media Massively Failed During Election, Will It Massively Fail Now?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, November 12. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address, “recogniz[ing] the service and sacrifice of our Nation’s military members and veterans.”

  • Video: Remind me never to believe polls, forecasters (including Nate Silver), political “analysts,” etc. ever again


    • And, needless to say, NEVER EVER listen to the likes of Chuck(les) Todd, Chris “The Fix” Cillizza, etc.

  • True Blue

    Trump looked scared “witless” (sic) during the photo-op with President Obama. Trump’s twenty minute attention span was stretched; his lack of intellectual curiosity and narcissism is on full display. Another twitter tantrum about protestors and media will not squelch the animus he’s encouraged. His wife asks “why are they protesting?” and “who are they?” It’s possible that our people and the Constitution itself is in danger of “would be totalitarian dictators who punish anyone who dares to violate the party line” aka Trump and his strongmen.

    Three smart “red flag” stories that surfaced last night about democracy slipping into autocracy, frantic rounding-up of tens of thousands of people accused of being political opponents, and spotting signs of “authoritarianism creep” are alarming yet pertinent. The spike in hate crimes, 200 plus since Tuesday, with attendant threats and intimidation, bullying, graffiti, and an ugly spread of inhumanness to schools signal to all Americans to LISTEN for the warning signs. This is not just about what went wrong in our election, but a wake-up call to danger in America’s immediate and near future.

    Patterns: criticizing the media and non-supporters, calling them un-American; then escalation comes with terms like “traitor” or “cancer,” intimidating mass rallies by supporters of autocrats, and eventual calls for a referendum to wholly circumvent the Constitution. (Richard Engel)

    We’ve already heard Trump’s cries to jail opponents, demean protestors, and harm journalists in violation of 1st Amendment rights. Turkey’s Erdogan is rounding up 35,000 coup supporters, including military, judges, mayors, professors, librarians, news reporters, tv station staff – all aspects of civilized society – fired en masse and jailed in order to fill 174 new prisons (an “infrastructure” program). So goes Trump’s military advice from Gen. Mike Flynn in an op-ed about a dissident, “If he were in reality a moderate, he would not be in exile, nor would he excite the animus” of the Turkish President and his government. BTW – US stocks in private prisons surged on news of Trump’s win.

    Whomever Trump chooses for cabinet positions will signal much about potential alarms. I will write to leaders Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Warner, and Kaine (maybe even worthless Comstock) about these concerns. While an autopsy is needed, we must be vigilant in informing the public about “Donnie Danger,” nepotism, filling the “swamp” with lobbyists, and political, religious, and ethnic intimidation.




  • Quizzical
    • More than anything, this is why I suspect that we are doomed. This is existential, requires urgent action, yet now we’re not going to get it. In fact, we might even go BACKWARDS under Trump/Pence et al. If so, it’s game over for humanity and other species on our planet.

      • Quizzical

        The Atlantic has run a piece of the thinking of Trump voters.

        I was shocked to read this and see that climate change and health insurance weren’t even considerations for these Trump supporters.

        • They are following a cult leader, essentially, cult of personality…issues don’t matter?

          • Quizzical

            Seems like it was more of a way to give the finger to the establishment/elites. I guess the good news is that because they voted for Trump doesnt necessarily mean they are climate deniers.