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Not-Too-Bright Rep. Tom Garrett (R) Inadvertently Slams Trump for Calling the Muslim Ban a Muslim Ban


Right-wingnut Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA 5th), incoherent and nonsensical as always, is up at The Bull Elephant with a piece entitled, “Falsely calling the recent immigration pause a ‘Muslim ban’ is dangerous.” According to Garrett, “For anyone to use partisan political tactics to perpetuate a falsehood that endangers American lives is shameful.” Except for one minor problem: Garrett’s orange fascist hero Donald J. Trump himself, as well as Trump’s spokespeople, have repeatedly referred to a “ban” – alternately a “total and complete shutdown” – on Muslims entering the country.

Examples? See the video below for Trump in South Carolina on December 8, 2015, reading his own statement calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Also see Trump asked for a ‘Muslim ban,’ Giuliani says – and ordered a commission to do it ‘legally’, Jake Tapper airs footage of Spicer calling Trump order a ‘ban’, and Trump’s own January 30, 2017 tweet calling it a “ban”.

Bottom line: major #LOGICFAIL by Tom Garrett, who basically just accused his own party’s leader of endangering American lives.

  • frankoanderson

    This is really dumb. In Garrett’s article, the only reason he gives (the rest is unrelated to the order) that it’s “not a ban” is the fact that the word “ban” doesn’t appear in the order. But everyone knows that Trump asked his team to find a way to enact the ban without being explicit. And excluding refugees who are of the majority religion is the same as banning Muslim refugees from those countries.

    • Garrett’s not the sharpest tool…but he IS a tool! LOL