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Thursday News: Trump “unfit to serve”; “What Did Trump Know, and When?”; Samantha Bee on “Blood in the Water”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, February 16.

  • Andy Schmookler

    Believing that it is good strategy to provoke Trump — because this prompts him to display his most repellant pathologies, and keeping those pathologies before the public’s eyes is useful — I propose the following:

    Wherever Trump goes, there should be crowds that chant at Trump a provocative message, such as:

    “Loser! Loser!”
    “You’re Fired!”
    “Lock Him Up!”

  • Another unhinged tirade by the 2013 VA GOP Lt. Gov. nominee


    • A_Siegel

      As to “turned American into the villain”, it is the GOP and the RWSM which is heavily engaged in ‘moral equivalency’ suggesting that United States is no better than Putin’s Russia. We should all be outraged by Trump/etc asserting that the US equals Putin’s Russia — even if they are determined to make US more like Russia with every passing day.

    • True Blue

      Is this what Christian-ist sermons sound like? I’m stymied by how this rhetoric can garner non-profit protection and subsequent tax breaks.

  • Sen. Mark Warner statement on confirmation of Rep. Mick Mulvaney as OMB Director

    “I have previously expressed deep concerns with Rep. Mulvaney’s positions on U.S. debt repayment and his support for indiscriminate cuts to the federal budget that target defense spending and our federal workforce. Though I voted against this nomination, I recognize there are areas of agreement where I believe Rep. Mulvaney and I can work together. For instance, he has provided assurances of support for oversight of how the federal government uses and reports financial data as required by the DATA Act, and for pushing for more open and data-driven operations across federal agencies.

    “I intend to hold Rep. Mulvaney accountable to American taxpayers and businesses who expect the United States to honor its debt obligations without placing foreign bondholders first in the line. This commitment also requires our next OMB Director to take a responsible approach to budgeting—one that does not support across-the-board cuts that hurt our military and avoid tough but smart budget decisions from lawmakers. These are challenging responsibilities and I am ready to push Rep. Mulvaney to honor them for the benefit of Virginia and the rest of the country.”

  • Video: Yes, our “president” is completely insane


  • From NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia:

    In Rare Bipartisan Vote, Proactive Birth Control Bill Passes Virginia Senate & House for First Time in More Than a Decade
    HB 2267 ensures coverage for up to a 12 month supply of birth control for women at once

    Richmond, VA – Reproductive rights advocates celebrated a rare victory this afternoon after the Virginia State Senate voted X to X to pass HB 2267, which guarantees a woman access to a full 12-month supply of contraception at one time, when prescribed by a licensed health care provider. The proactive reproductive health and freedom measure is the first to pass the General Assembly in more than a decade.

    HB 2267, introduced by Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (D-41), first survived challenges from the House of Delegates, including rigorous questioning in committee and an amendment attempt by Del. Bob Marshall (R-13) which would have fundamentally corrupted the bill.

    “This is a sweet victory for Virginia women,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “Del. Filler-Corn worked so hard to pass this bill, and it’s a rare and much welcomed occasion to see bipartisan consensus on a reproductive health issue. Expanding access to birth control options is not only great for Virginia women; it’s just commonsense. We hope we can continue working across party lines to increase reproductive health options for Virginia women in the future.”

    Activists and medical professionals turned out in large numbers to support the bill. “When the option of receiving a 12-month supply is available, it is less likely that women will have lapses in medication use or abandon use altogether,” said Dr. Nicole Rankins, an obstetrician/gynecologist from Henrico who testified in support of HB 2267. “To be clear, this is not a mandate that women must get 12 months at a time. It just makes the option available when qualified medical professionals decide it is appropriate.”

    Dr. Wendy Klein, an internist and practicing clinician, echoed that sentiment. “As a physician, I need to treat and respond to the unique health care needs of each of my patients. This includes being empowered to prescribe the number of monthly pill packs that will best serve the purpose and circumstance at hand. The passage of HB 2267 gives healthcare providers the freedom to make individualized patient care decisions.”

    Gaining access to a full year’s supply of birth control pills at once particularly helps rural and young women, and those juggling multiple work and family commitments who find it difficult, if not impossible, to make it to the pharmacy each month. Receiving a year’s supply of contraception in one visit to the pharmacy helps women decrease unintended pregnancies and abortions. A recent study shows that access to a yearlong supply of birth control reduces unintended pregnancy by 30% and abortion by 46%, and aligns Virginia law with the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Five states and D.C. already guarantee that insurers must provide women with 12 months of birth control pills at once.

    Keene cautioned that the work is far from over. “This vote is a step in the right direction for Virginia women, families, and communities,” she said. “But on Tuesday, the Senate also voted to defund Planned Parenthood and similar health care centers. Earlier this session, the House rejected bills to repeal the targeted regulation of abortion providers and to remove medically unnecessary, humiliating abortion consent procedures. Virginia women have a long road ahead before we achieve full reproductive freedom. So today, we celebrate, but tomorrow we are back to work.”

  • Video: WTF Moments from Donald Trump Crazy Ass Press Conference by RollingStone


  • One of my smartest friends on Facebook just posted this…

    Governments who’ve been where we are now soon found themselves:

    (a) expelling and exiling their leaders – Uganda’s Idi Amin, Haiti’s Baby Doc Duvalier.
    (b) embroiled in civil war or revolution – too many to name but let’s just say Batista’s Cuba.
    (c) suffering from a parade of regimes or maybe even a few spitballed constitutions – Italy for the 40 years after Mussolini.
    (d) conquered & divided by outsiders – Imperial Rome, Hitler’s Germany.
    (e) facing a long recovery — Spain after Franco.

    Let’s hope we’re Spain.

  • Video: Nope, Trump’s not at all racist. And if you believe that one…some swamp land, cheap?


  • Quizzical