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Video: Dick Saslaw Claims Tom Perriello “Talks Like Bernie Sanders But Votes Like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan”


I mean, even by Virginia State Senate Democratic “Leader” Dick Saslaw’s low, low “standards,” this is bonkers. Just for the record, as of June 2010, at which point his first term was winding down, Tom Perriello’s Progressive Punch rating was 78.58%. For comparison purposes, Gabby Giffords was at 77.99% and Glenn Nye (D-VA02) was at 66.67%. As for Ted Cruz, his lifetime Progressive score is an abysmally low 6.28%. Believe it or not, Paul Ryan’s lifetime Progressive score is even worse than Cruz’s, at just 4.64%. Regardless, Tom Perriello’s solid progressive score was not in any way, shape or form like Ted Cruz’s or Paul Ryan’s far-right-wing scores. For Dick Saslaw to compare Perriello to arch-right-wingnuts like Cruz and Ryan is beyond the pale (although not surprising coming from Saslaw, who is infamous for his ability to open his mouth and insert his foot wayyyy down his own throat).

  • Jason Rylander

    Keep talking, Dick. It only helps Tom.

    • If I were running for ANY office, just about the LAST person on the Democratic side I’d want as a surrogate, or even a supporter, would be Dick Saslaw.

  • GailGD

    According to people who were there, the statement was part of Saslaw’s comments on Perriello having cosponsored the Stupak Amendment. It’s beneath you, Lowell, to have edited that out so who did it?

    • WTF? I didn’t edit anything, other than to capture the part with Dick Saslaw in it from WUSA9’s report (http://www.13newsnow.com/news/politics/northam-game-on-in-virginia-governors-race/415993276 for the full report)

      • DevotedSkeptic

        It must not be forgotten that Northam tried to caucus with VA state assembly Republicans as recently as 2009:

        • GailGD

          It must not be forgotten that Perriello was endorsed by the NRA and co-sponsored the Stupak amendment.

          • Dominic Gabello

            so since they were both the same year and both have grown up since then…we’re finally going to put those behind us and see who has the best plan to be Governor? right? or are we going to continue to rehash this bullshit.

      • GailGD

        I specifically said I didn’t think YOU edited it and I was asking WHO DID. Where did you get the video?

        • Seriously??? a) I linked to the original source in my post; b) I just commented above with the original link to the 13NewsNow/WUSA9 video. This is not complicated or difficult.

          • If you’re so concerned, just posted video (if it’s available) of DICK’s remarks, with full “context,” whatever that might be. Personally, I’ve heard that DICK says this crap all the time. Washington Post reporter Fenit Nirappil, for instance, says that Saslaw “loves that line!” (https://twitter.com/FenitN/status/836705108876476418)

          • GailGD

            You are misunderstanding me Lowell…I’ll try to be clear….the video that made the news…who took it and edited it? Because I know from people who were there that it is not complete. I know it wasn’t you and it’s not your fault; you’re just reporting what you have. I don’t disagree that Dick is full of it most of the time, but I do know that in this instance, there was more to the statement that what was included in the video, if that matters to anyone.

          • The TV news channel took it, as far as I’m aware. Contact them and ask. Also, just FYI, I chatted this morning with someone (a Fairfax Dem elected official) who was at the event, and they said they didn’t hear anything that would put DICK’s idiotic comments into perspective…

  • John Farrell

    I’ve listen to multiple speeches by Perriello and I still can’t tell someone why Tom is running for state-wide office instead of a Federal position.

    Nor has he explained why he’s better than Ralph.

    • JoeDaBeast

      I have sat in a meeting where about 10-15 people asked Tom questions about why he’s running and why he decided so late. To summarize, it was because the formula that the DNC used in 2016 will be the same in 2017, and that proved to not be a winning strategy. He’s trying to “shake things up” and even though I’m not convinced yet, I’m interested in seeing what happens.

      • GailGD

        Tom thought he’d have a great job in the Clinton administration. That didn’t work out. Hence, an announcement of a run for the governorship soon after he realized he would not have a job in 2017. I think we might see more of that on many levels, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It might bring some new blood to the forefront to run for office.

  • DevotedSkeptic

    You know who votes like a Republican? Ralph Northam! He voted for W in 2000 *and* 2004. Then in 2009, he was gonna sneak off and caucus with statehouse Republicans, before the Dem caucus caught wind of it and shamed him. His excuse: “I was an apolitical doctor”! That’s not apolitical, that’s a weathervane.

  • wwfleming

    Is there anything that Saslaw has done that is progressive and credible? On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being high, how tightly connected is Saslaw to monied special interests?

  • Worsham Lookout

    Daily Kos – “Perriello Compiled The 15th-Most Conservative Voting Record Among Democrats” http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/1/5/1617481/-Former-Rep-Tom-Perriello-makes-surprise-entry-into-Virginia-governor-s-race

    • Which is why media and GOP narratives about Tom being the “Bernie candidate” or “too far left” or whatever are just absurd.

  • Sleeves Barnesafunks

    Who is dick sasalaw?

    • I just changed the first sentence to: I mean, even by Virginia State Senate Democratic “Leader” Dick Saslaw’s low, low “standards”…

  • Kindler

    I’m open to both Perriello and Northam at this point, but if anything can push me towards Tom, it’s a right-wing anti-environmentalist, pro-predatory lending conservaDem a**hole like Saslaw telling me who to vote for. If I were Ralph, I’d tell Saslaw to IMMEDIATELY shut up and go away.

    • Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind want Dick F’ing Saslaw as a surrogate for them?!?