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Rep. Donald McEachin on the Republicans’ Failure to Remove Millions from Their Healthcare


My god, so much “winning” by Trump, Ryan et al, it’s hard to stop laughing hysterically. With that, here’s a statement by Rep. Donald McEachin on the demise of Trumpcare/Ryancare.

McEachin on the Republicans’ Failure to Remove Millions from Their Healthcare

WASHINGTONCongressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released this statement in response to Republican Leaders’ decision to cancel the vote on the American Health Care Act:

“The American Health Care Act would have caused millions of Americans to lose their health insurance, and it would have greatly increased costs for millions more — all in the name of cutting taxes for the wealthy. House Republicans pulled this bill because their own members knew passing such a catastrophic policy would have been unhealthy.

“The powerful opposition that TrumpCare sparked across party lines sends a clear message to the Administration and Republican leadership: Americans need and demand access to quality, affordable health care. The Affordable Care Act brought the uninsurance rate to an all-time low, and it has greatly slowed growth in the cost of care. Democrats and Republicans should be working together to build on the progress we’ve made — not casting it aside to benefit wealthy donors and special interests.

“Forcing 24 million people off of their health insurance would have been un-American. Without essential health benefits, insurers could have made coverage bare-bones, dramatically limiting crucial benefits or dropping them entirely. People with pre-existing conditions would not have been able to purchase plans that covered the benefits they need. The list of harms from the AHCA goes on and on.

“My constituents made their fears and concerns over this bill clear to me. As their representative, as a cancer conqueror, and as an American with a conscience, I vowed to vote against this bill that even Republicans – for a variety of reasons – would not vote for. My priority for healthcare legislation is ensuring affordable healthcare for all Americans, and this bill threatened to roll back the progress we have made. We must now work together to put people over politics and concentrate our efforts on improving healthcare coverage for all Americans.”


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s vote on TrumpCare being pulled down in the House of Representatives:

    “It’s clear there is little support for TrumpCare, a bill that takes away health care from 24 million Americans, makes older Americans face higher premiums, burdens states with dramatic Medicaid cuts, and deprives women of access and coverage. And all of this to deliver what amounts to a tax break for the wealthiest Americans at the expense of middle class families and seniors.

    “I doubt that the vote on TrumpCare would have been pulled down if not for hundreds of thousands of Americans going to town hall meetings, calling their members of Congress, writing letters, and holding marches. I applaud the energetic activism of the American people.”

    “The reality is that more American families still want improvements to the current health care system and we shouldn’t give up on making reforms. As a member of the Senate HELP Committee, I look forward to bipartisan dialogue to enhance coverage, quality, and affordability.”

  • STATEMENT: Northam Celebrates House Republicans Pulling Down Vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

    Richmond, Va. – Today, after failing to garner enough support for their effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Congressional Republicans pulled down their vote on the legislation. The failure takes place the day after the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act.

    Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam issued the following statement in response:

    “Today, House Republicans confirmed what the country has already known for seven years — they are full of it. It’s pitiful. Let this spectacular legislative failure serve as the final nail in the coffin on the effort to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

    By pulling down today’s vote, House Republicans signal they are joining the rest of the country in agreeing that the better way to cover more patients, for less money is to build on the Affordable Care Act’s progress. I urge them to focus in the coming months on improving it to the benefit of every American. Ensuring quality healthcare remains in reach for hundreds of thousands of Virginians is an economic and moral imperative. As governor, I will redouble Virginia’s efforts to expand Medicaid and close the Commonwealth’s coverage gap once and for all.”

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  • Bob BADlatte weighs in, idiotic as usual: “I remain committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare. There is a better way to enact health care reform than Obamacare – one that repeals onerous mandates, invites competition and choice, and lowers costs. Obamacare must not remain the law of the land.”

  • Garbage/idiocy like this from Rep. Barbara Comstock shows why she needs to be defeated in 2018. Just pathetic.

    We have spent weeks working with our colleagues, talking to our constituents, and hearing from medical professionals and stakeholders on the life and death issues surrounding health care and how we can transition to a better health care system. We appreciate the hundreds of people we met with and talked to — from a variety of viewpoints — who shared their genuine concerns and health care experiences with us. While this bill addressed important principles like covering pre-existing conditions and not having lifetime limits imposed on the sick, and reducing costs and increasing choices for many working families, the uncertainties in the current version of the bill caused me not to be able to support it today.

    The ACA is in a death spiral that Democrats refuse to acknowledge, and it is failing many families and individuals who struggle with skyrocketing premiums, higher deductibles, and less choice. We’ve heard from people with crushing $1800 a month premiums and thousands and thousands in uncompensated care under Obamacare. We’ve heard from people who lost their insurance because of Obamacare and couldn’t afford the exchanges and were forced to pay fines for not purchasing unaffordable healthcare. This year it is anticipated that more providers will abandon the exchanges or hike rates by double digits. This is unsustainable and I am still committed to a 21st century health care system that will help working families get better and more affordable health care. We can continue to work on reform initiatives. Just this week we voted on two health care insurance reform bills which should get to the President’s desk as quickly as possible to provide relief.

  • And speaking of people who need to be defeated next year, how about Rep. Scott Taylor?

    “We must fix the disaster that is the Affordable Care Act. Today, we unfortunately were unable to move closer to that goal. I will continue to fight for families and individuals in a way that gives them more freedom, lower healthcare costs, and access to care. It is imperative that we fix this. If Republicans want to seize the moment and do big things, some will have to learn the everyday value of compromise and gain an understanding of what things are possible to get through a diverse legislative body.”

  • From the Virginia Young Democrats:

    VAYD Responds to the Lack of a TrumpCare Vote

    Alexandria, VA – VAYD President, James Lewis, released this statement following Speaker Ryan’s decision to pull the American Health Care Act – AKA TrumpCare – from the House floor:

    “What happened today in the House was chaos before care.

    Despite 7 years of ‘repeal and replace’ rheotic, Republicans had and still have no plan when it comes to health care. Once it became clear that they’d lose this vote, they packed up their toys and went home.

    Sadly, we know that today’s victory is temporary. They’ll come back, likely with a worst bill.

    The Virginia Young Democrats will continue our full-throated advocacy for life-saving Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

    In November and in 2018, VAYD stands ready to hold Republicans accountable for their efforts to strip 24 million Americans of health insurance.

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  • DPVA Chair Susan Swecker:

    “Twenty million Americans gained access to coverage thanks to Obamacare, but 24 million stood to lose it under Trumpcare. Donald Trump’s health care bill would have defunded Planned Parenthood, threatened mental health and opioid abuse services, and forced Virginia seniors to pay more for their care. Those provisions were so acutely unpopular that despite claiming majorities in both chambers of Congress, Republicans couldn’t pass this bill.

    “With a stroke of his pen, President Obama made the Affordable Care Act the law of the land seven years ago yesterday. Today, Paul Ryan affirmed that its status as such will remain. That is no small victory, and I thank every Virginian who helped us resist. We are the party of hardworking people fighting for hardworking people – and we fought hard to preserve health care for all Virginians today.”

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