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Fairfax County School Board Member to Speak at Anti-LGBT Hate Group Event


On Monday, we posted about Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz retweeting the neo-Nazi “Pepe the Frog” symbol, along with a message in support of French far-right/neo-fascist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Now, Schultz is slated to appear on a panel put on by the “Family Research Council” entitled “Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back.”

It’s for very good reason that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels the Family Research Council (FRC) as a hate group, one whose “real specialty” is not “family research” but “defaming gays and lesbians.” For instance, check out the following video of FRC “senior fellow” Robert Maginnis ranting/raving about how there’s a “lot of witchcraft” in Dupont Circle, “famous for being the center of homosexuality in Washington,” and which reminds Maginnis of “Sodom and Gomorrah.”

So yeah, Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz will be appearing on an anti-LGBT panel organized by the FRC, which employs the above lunatic as a “senior fellow.” By the way, you’ve gotta love how the FRC describes Schultz:

Ms. Schultz received the first STAND Award by Bishop E.W. Jackson at the National Awakening Conference “for her bold stand for faith and values, in the face of opposition. She was the only member of the Fairfax County School Board to vote against embedding gender-identity into FCPS policies and continues to stand strong representing the otherwise ignored values of many Fairfax County parents.” She was also received the Courage in Leadership Award by the Virginia Christian Alliance for integrity in education policy and for protecting students and parental rights while serving in public office.

How can someone like this be on the Fairfax County School Board? It boggles the mind.

  • Anne

    Since when is TFC a hate group, exactly?

    • You mean FRC?

    • woodrowfan

      since they spend all their time spreading hateful lies about GBLT people.

  • Deborah Parker Williams

    Thank GOD for Ms.Schultz! We can’t even allow our child to attend the Fairfax public schools because of the liberal ideology! I do NOT want that bathroom “policy” forced on my child.

    • VirginiaHH

      It’s not just bathrooms, it’s locker rooms and showers too. I agree, I wouldn’t let get changed for gym class next to kids of the opposite sex at school. No reason why the one kid can’t be accommodated without making all the other kids uncomfortable.

      • Chris Ambrose

        Even in a private changing room?

    • Chris Ambrose

      Boy do you imbeciles have it backwards! You probably favored the GOP’s NC bathroom bill that would have forced some bearded men to use the woman’s room. You don’t even understand the issue at all.

      • Just like “pro life” people who oppose measures (e.g., contraception, family planning, sex education) that are 100% proven to REDUCE abortion rates while supporting measures (e.g., cutting contraception, family planning, sex education) that will INCREASE abortion rates. These are not the sharpest tools in the shed…

        • Chris Ambrose

          They are definitely not sharp, but some understand your point. The problem is that they are so focused on having the Government control every aspect of our private lives, that they don’t care. To them, more government regulation of people’s lives is almost an end in itself.

          • The irony is that they love to tout themselves as supposedly being about “freedom” and “liberty,” when in fact they are about government tyranny and theocracy.

          • Chris Ambrose

            That’s right. These people get their information from people like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh who know that everything they spew is a bunch of lies, but they also know that the conservative base are full of suckers who react well to fear, hate and emotion. Thus, they make a lot of money misleading those people.

    • Donna McBride

      Are you a Russian troll?

  • Former NY’er

    You ought to call yourself Sad Virginia. Have you taken your valium today? Shouldn’t miss your doses.

  • feather-head

    Mrs. Schultz, you speak for the majority of us. I don’t wish any hate upon the children who are different from the norm, but the girls don’t need boys in their locker rooms. If kids are uncomfortable changing in front of their same gender peers they should be able to use a separate private room.

    • Chris Ambrose

      No. Schultz speaks for the fringe. She speaks for a small group of hateful extremists – because she is one of them. Thank God people have figured it out and she will be gone in 2019.

      • ConcernedParent

        Ms. Schultz speaks for the parents and taxpayers who believe in biology, truth and reality. I don’t support the school system teaching my children the lie that “gender is fluid” and I am thankful that Ms. Schultz is there to represent me and other parents like me. And that she is not intimidated by you or the author of this piece, who resort to name calling (“hateful extremists”, “lunatic fringe”) because someone disagrees with you.

        • Translation of “biology, truth and reality”=zero scientific validity, no truth and totally detached from reality.

          • ConcernedParent

            I don’t follow your response. XX, XY, DNA are all scientific and valid. Detached from reality are the individuals who think they were born in the wrong body and are entitled to force the rest of society to participate in their preferred “reality”.

          • Chris Ambrose

            First of all, you are wrong. This is not about people who “think” they were born into the wrong body, they are transgender people. You see, it is a scientific fact that transgender people exist. That is not seriously debated in the scientific community any more than evolution or climate change is. But there are people who chose to reject science and that is their business, but don’t try to use the government to force your anti-science views on people through discrimination.

            Second, nobody is being forced to “participate” in anything. The fact is you frame it that way because you support discrimination. The same argument was made when whites were forced to “participate” with blacks. It is discrimination plain and simple.

          • ConcernedParent

            When I am being told what pronouns I must use to refer to someone, yes I am being forced to participate.

          • Chris Ambrose

            Who is “telling” you what pronouns to use? What you don’t like is hearing people say what is socially acceptable. That is your business. Nobody is telling you how to refer to an a minority person either. But it not socially acceptable to use derogatory words to refer to someone as it was decades ago. There is little difference. Decades from now, your children will laugh at the fact that you were offended by the fact that there was social pressure for you tor refer to someone by their actual gender. In fact, change happens so fast now that it won’t be decades, it is happening now and you are just not comfortable with change.

          • ConcernedParent

            Race and “gender identity” are not the same. Race is reflected in one’s DNA and can be determined scientifically. Gender identity is entirely in one’s mind – and apparently, “fluid”.
            I’m not offended – I just pointed out that telling someone they must refer to another person by a pronoun that does not align with actual reality (xx/xy), is in fact forcing someone to participate in their alternate reality.
            I’m also not “anti-science” as you stated above. I’m very pro-science and it is science, specifically biology, that has formed my opinions on this topic. Sure, I could refer to someone by their “preferred pronoun” because it’s polite. But I think truth and reality are more important.
            Thanks for the chat, but I’m finished here!

          • “Gender identity is entirely in one’s mind”

            Absolutely false. See Study In Transsexuals: Significant Genetic Link To Gender Identity for instance.

          • Chris Ambrose

            And race and sex are not the same. Is it OK for someone to discriminate on the basis of sex, but not race? Discrimination is discrimination.

            Again, I ask who is “forcing” you to refer to someone by a specific pronoun? The only one doing that is you. You want everyone else to see the world through your eyes.

        • Chris Ambrose

          Actually she is with a party that does not believe in science so don’t say she believes in biology. 99.9% of doctors and biologists would say that transgenderism is real, only Republican whack jobs say otherwise.

          Furthermore, I don’t see how you can say she speaks for taxpayers when her biggest fight has always been to keep open a failing school that was the most inefficient elementary school in the entire Fairfax County system. Every other SB member and every BOS member, Democrat and Republican, supported closing it, but she wanted to keep it open because her kids went there. Typical Republican waste.

          • ConcernedParent

            “whack jobs” – there you go again. Is it possible for you to have a discussion without name calling and bully tactics?

          • Chris Ambrose

            Well do you have a better term for someone who, in the 21st century, believes that they no more than scientists? Someone like that is very, very difficult to take seriously.

          • ConcernedParent

            XX, XY and DNA are no longer considered science in the 21st century? Personally, I do not consider psychologists “scientists” – it is a social “science” and their “scientific outcomes” can be easily manipulated. Few people are denying that transgenderism is a thing – just how it is best treated and more importantly, whether one individual’s reality should be forced upon the rest of society – or in FCPS’ case, the rest of the students in the school.

          • Chris Ambrose

            XX, XY chromosomes designate sex, not gender. Look it up. I don’t have any interest in getting into an in depth biology discussion because, unlike you, I don’t pretend to understand biology or psychology better than the biologists or psychologies. I am familiar with their conclusions and respect them. That is the different between you and someone who believes in science.

            Finally, it is ridiculous to suggest that just because FCPS will not tolerate discrimination against transgender children, you feel that something it is being “forced” on you. If you want your kids to go to school in an environment where kids that are different from your own are discriminated against and marginalized, then home school your kids – but you will be doing a disservice to them by not preparing them for the real world.

          • ConcernedParent

            No transgendered student was discriminated against in FCPS prior to Policy 1450. The entire school board affirmed that in the meeting where they adopted the policy. They attempted to create a problem where there was none.
            Again, that’s for the chat! Goodbye!

          • Sounds like you implicitly agree that transgendered students should NOT be discriminated against in FCPS. That’s good at least.

          • ConcernedParent

            Ok, one last comment and then I am done here…

            Yes, I am in agreement that no students should be discriminated against, in FCPS or otherwise. But we seem to disagree on what constitutes “discrimination”. Here is an example:

            * Student A (who is transgender) feels uncomfortable changing in a locker room with students of the same biological sex. Student A is provided a private changing room by the school = discrimination.

            *Student B (who is not transgender) feels uncomfortable changing the locker room that has been designated for his/her biological sex, alongside a transgender student. Student B is provided a separate changing room by the school = not discrimination.

            There is no difference here and it is impossible for the school to have discriminated against one and not the other- the school has either discriminated against both students or it has not discriminated against either.

            You want to define “discrimination” however it best suits you and your cause.

          • Chris Ambrose

            Unfortunately for your argument, none of those scenarios is true because the FCPS school system is dedicated to providing private changing facilities for anyone who wants it.

          • Chris Ambrose

            That might be true, but the real question is why do you want an environment where discrimination could occur in the future?

  • Blair

    In my dealings with the FFX Co school boarx and Elizabeth Schultz, she has been nothing but professional, well informed, honest, fair, diplomatic, and compassionate. I applaud her steadfastness and bravery amidst the loud, angry, leftist bullies. THE RESISTANCE is in full force against anything and anyone that is not part of their grand plan. Eliz. SCHULTZ deserves to be applauded as a public servant with the greater good, not a political ideology in mind. THANK YOU and KEEP UP THE great work, Ms. Schultz. We support you!!!

    • VirginiaHH

      The wackos on the board wanting to mix sexes in the locker rooms and showers, not just bathrooms, need sane counter balance. Whether you agree with the right wing policies or not, you need a balance of ideology on the board.

      The thing that bugs me, is the budget. Sure, we want lots of money in education, our kids need the best education, but we don’t have what they want to spend, they need a little fiscal conservatism. You can’t just spend, spend, spend and hope the money will magically appear.

      • Chris Ambrose

        Any suggestions on what to cut? Talk is cheap!

      • woodrowfan

        HH huh? Just a coincidence that neo-Nazi’s use “HH” as a code for “Heil Hitler.”

    • frankoanderson

      Ms. Shultz supports anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-minority policies and candidates. She was the only Fairfax County elected official to support Donald Trump and she shrugged it off when he was exposed for ADMITTING that he molested women. Maybe it’s a Jekyll & Hyde situation between her dealings with certain constituents and her online persona, but when she gets on Twitter we find out what she REALLY thinks.

      • Bingo.

      • Chris Ambrose

        Actually, Trump didn’t just admit that he molested women, he BRAGGED about it!

  • Juanita Rosario

    Dios mio. Leave Ms. Schultz alone. My family and I come from Venezuela and this is what they did there – squash free speech. And now my whole country is squashed. I did not work so hard to get her LEGALLY to be subjected to Totalitarian tactics here. BTW – I have left the radicalized Dem party. So have many of my friends, and as we talk, more do and will. We belong to a big Catholic Church and we do lots of talking among our friends. We do not like the squashing of free speech at all. We do not like that you allow ILLEGALS to cut in line and take our resources. Resources taken by the government is what Chavez did – lot of good that did. We do not like that your Dem party lumps us all together – legal and illegal – or Latinos and “gay” diversity – like a big patched soccer ball to kick around. We ESPECIALLY do not like you allowing male predators in female bathrooms or lying to our children about choice in gender. Children need to reach the age of reasoning – about 21 – before subjected to life altering choices. They think they are immortal and don’t understand the risks yet. They are TOO YOUNG!! YOU ARE SICK SICK SICK and UNSAFE to children and women!!!!. Keep your sick and unsafe ways to yourself and in your own private bedroom but out of the CLASS ROOMS!!!. And BTW – I was a Tomboy growing up – juego futbol con los chicos. Should I had grown up now and here – all social media, counselors and teachers would make every tell me that I should change genders? Chicas can’t play muy bueno futbol? Should chicas trabajar or just stay en la casa? Who is the discriminatory gender conformist hypocrite now? I am now muy bonita and tiene tres girls in your schools – leave them alone. Leave Ms. Schultz alone too – you special interest bullies.

    • You are very confused on so many levels, hard to know where to start, but…

      1) In Venezeula, the GOVERNMENT squashed free speech. In this case, we are completely independent, non-governmental, going up against a bigoted government official (Schultz).
      2) It’s not “Totalitarian” (sic) to express one’s views; in fact, it’s the exact opposite.
      3) Human beings are not “illegals.” Also, who is “you” that allows them to supposedly “cut in line” and “take our resources” (also false – in fact, they work very hard to earn a living).
      4) Nobody – except for people like you – are even thinking about allowing “male predators” (WTF?) in female bathrooms.
      5) Gender is innate, not a choice, and nobody is “lying” about it except for the anti-LGBT folks, like Elizabeth Schultz.
      6) Why did you put “gay” in quotes? Yeah, it’s a real thing.
      7) We are not “special interest” anything, we believe in equal rights for all Americans. Period.

    • theghostofjannetflanner

      Sounds like you’re the sick one. Also dazed, and confused.

    • Chris Ambrose

      Boy Juanita, I don’t know where to start. First of all, the only one who is coming close to “squashing free speech” as part of this discussion is you by suggesting that we don’t have the right to criticize an elected official. That sounds like authoritarianism to me.

      Secondly, the only party that ever had an open border policy was the GOP with their wet foot policy with Cubans. Thanks to a Democratic President that was ended.

      Finally, it is obvious that you share Schultz’s hatred for gay and transgender people. That is your business as a private individual. However, Schultz is a public official and when she advocates public policies that discriminate based on her prejudices that is a very, very serious issue, whether you agree or understand it or not.

      I say “whether you understand it” for a reason: You obviously don’t understand the “bathroom issue” at all, as many on the right don’t. The problem is that you have been lied to so much from people like Schultz over what it even means that you haven’t a clue. FCPS policy NEVER called for children of the opposite sex to undress in front of each other. You have been lied to. Even crazier is the NC bathroom bill, which I am going to guess you support. The funny thing is that bill does exactly what the proponents claims to be against: It would REQUIRE transgender males to use the woman’s restrooms. They literally were requiring bearded men to use the ladies room and and full breasted women to use the men’s room. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that, did you?

      • On the first point, you’re right, what Juanita is suggesting is authoritarianism, Chavez/Maduro style.

        Good point on #2, also might note Reagan’s huge “amnesty” that he signed when he was president.

        As for Schultz using her platform as an elected official, on a School Board no less, to push out lies, ignorance and bigotry, is both irresponsible and damaging, particularly to the most vulnerable kids in the Fairfax County Public School System. She – and her apologists – SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they will be, given their complete ignorance about (or even caring to know) what they’re talking about.

    • Donna McBride

      There is a difference between free speech and hate speech

      • ConcernedParent

        Actually, there is not. Particularly when “hate speech” is defined (by you) as “speech I disagree with”.

        • There’s tons of speech I disagree with — 99.9% – that is NOT “hate speech.” Then there’s hate speech, like the Pepe the Frog crowd spews.

        • Chris Ambrose

          The standard “Hate Speech” is different when it comes to an elected official.

          If some individual wants to attack and mock the most vulnerable children in our society (transgender kids have the highest suicide rate) that might be free speech, but many people would also call it hate speech. That is a subjective decision based on the content and the person hearing the speech.

          However, when an elected official, especially an official who is responsible for those very children, engages in such rhetoric, you really have to have a screw loose if you don’t see a problem with that.

  • Black

    I stand with Ms. Schultz. NO MORE BULLYING by the left. Their agenda is dangerous for our children and their safety. Provide a separate one stall bathroom that is unisex…provide a special locker room that has curtains for them. The special interests should not outweigh the common sense of protecting our young ones. NO MORE! No more attacks on family values!

    • Chris Ambrose

      How is providing privacy for all an attack on family values? You guys are so irrational I can’t even get my head around it!

      • It’s hard to tell if they’re just mouthing the nonsensical rhetoric they here spewed out on right-wing talk radio, Fox, etc. every day. Or, do they actually BELIEVE this crap???

        • Chris Ambrose

          I know. I wonder the same thing all the time. Sadly, I think most actually believe it.

          • One of their people is ranting right now to the Fairfax County Public School Board? Very disturbing.

          • Chris Ambrose

            Whenever you have a jurisdiction of well over 1 million people, there are going to be a few crazies. Nothing you can do about that. Many of those people are also from outside the county.

          • They may be few in number, but they are VERY vocal!

  • Juanita Rosario

    Mi odio! Por favor Senors y Senoras? Si, yo soy not hate. Amo los ninos y ninas y senoras de la munda! Y so does Ms. Schultz. Lo siento, pero este no hate speech but speech you hate. Ms. Schultz esta una valiente cruzada for the children and women! Dios te bendiga y ve en paz! Para que is major para los ninos y Senoras? (Lo siento, it’s late – you called me hateful!!! kept me up all night – I can’t always stick to English as I type.)

    Do as you wish after 21 – though no recommendario homosexual vida purque esta un vida muy triste y loca, some of the highest rates of sadness, suicide and disease even in gay friendly societies – see recent news from a gay himself at http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/gay-loneliness/

    Pero, por favor, leave ninos y ninas y Senoras banos solo. Even in los news articles, in California, informe los ninos and ninas under 18 o 21 in court of law in San Francisco to not be punished as adults because they do not have brain ability yet to comprehend risk and yet you want children under this age to choose a gender like its a pizza choice? You insist schools – without parents’ approval – to teach and accept as normal homo acts in FLE and lead them to hormones and surgery? Read this about neuro age ability – https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/04/17/health/young-adult-court-san-francisco-california-neuroscience.html?_r=0&referer=https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/item/25888-adultescence-do-liberals-believe-voting-age-should-be-raised-to-25.

    Furthermore AAP informe, children under 14 can’t even cross street correctly without an adult AAP – see https://consumer.healthday.com/kids-health-information-23/child-safety-news-587/at-what-age-can-kids-safely-cross-the-street-721785.html

    Tambien in los news, estan los horrible acts of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which is unlawful y termed Child Abuse if performed on those under 18, Que is la differencia between that unlawful permanent mutilation act upon minors and the act of promoting, teaching, accepting, performing gender transition? At least the FGM girls still can have bambinos and be called women when an adult – even that culture knows when all external genitals are removed they are still senoras. Pero, once surgically mutilated y hormonally gender transitioned – she can no longer have babies. The same with boys transitioned to girls. Maybe no more chance to be Papas.

    See FGM Wikipedia:
    “Performing FGM on anyone under the age of 18 became illegal in the U.S. in 1997 with the Federal Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act. As of 2015, 24 US states have specific laws against FGM. States that do not have such laws may use other general statutes, such as assault, battery or child abuse.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation_in_the_United_States

    and see http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/266413/mutilating-little-girls-michigans-little-palestine-daniel-greenfield

    And for men in women’s bathrooms? Is it hateful to have survival instinct? Then I am guilty. Have you not seen the viral blog about this? http://www.thegetrealmom.com/blog/womensrestroom Esta la abuser de the open banos that is horrible y miedo. Tambien, 1 of 6 senoras already have had sex abuse! They don’t need to fear this again. Like reliving PTSD. And por favor – no more girl or women victims! I thank Ms. Schultz for protecting the girls and women, especially those already sexually traumatized.

    You say, like that pop song, ‘you were born this way”? That is a bueno song, but incorrecto and not fair to those who were sex abused or so psychologically scared by their gender role model that they rejected it or long desired it. They need help, not hormones and surgeries and diseases and a path to infertility and early death. My sister Lolita, our Mama made her internally sad because she seemed too weak compared to our strong and accomplished Dad. So, when young, she and I, no want to be senoras. We both out grew this problema in our 20s and are muy contento with our own familia!

    I just looked this one up and saw that many ex-Gays testify for the reparative possibilities you are flat out denying children and people – see ex-gaytruth.com/ex-gay-testimonies.

    How am I being hateful in protecting those that may need help from sex abuse or psychological damage and may be able to find true happiness instead of incorrect solutions that never solve their buried sadness? I guess Ms. Schultz and I are guilty of this kind of hate too?

    You know, you could get help too?! If that is your situation. It’s not too late. Many – as I saw on that ex-gay site – have transitioned and are happy to have done so! Just watch out for the culture peer pressure to that insists you are born and stuck this way. They tend to force hate speech on your free thinking and speech.

    Dios te bendiga y ve en paz!

    • This is classic. Thanks for the laughs! 😉

      • Chris Ambrose

        Pretty funny. This is the problem with them. They live in another world and read complete garbage on the internet and listen to garbage on talk radio. But even worse, THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT!!!

        • The pathetic, really inexcusable, thing is that all they have to do is read reputable science and they will quickly be disabused of the crazy notions they pick up on the intertubes, Fox, etc. — but they refuse to do so!

          • Chris Ambrose

            Of course they refuse to do so, because they want to indoctrinate themselves in an alternate reality that they are more comfortable with.

            In many respects, there is no difference between someone who listens around the clock to someone like Mark Levin and someone who listens to ISIS videos. They are both people who want to believe in a world that fits their (extremist and conservative) views. They hate the world as it currently exists and want to return to the past. Both ISIS videos and conservative talk radio rely on fear and hate to stir people up.

            The only, and I mean only, difference between them is that ISIS videos encourage acts of violence. The sad reality is that the conservative talk show dudes are just in it for the money, they don’t even believe most of the stuff. I have no doubt that many of them would encourage violence if they would not get arrested and they felt it would bring in more viewers. But it would probably cost them viewers and get them arrested so they don’t.

      • Juanita Rosario

        I’ll laugh when you all are in jail.

        Medical and Mental Health Professionals File Groundbreaking Joint Complaint Against Gay Activists with the Federal Trade Commission

        Complaint to FTC Charges Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights of Engaging in Mass Fraud in Efforts to Ban Therapy

        WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, a major blow was delivered to three of the largest gay activist organizations in the United States, as the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, representing tens of thousands of licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and physicians and over 1,000 clients and patients, filed a consumer fraud complaint on behalf of eight organizations with the Federal Trade Commission, charging the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights of committing mass deception and fraud in their efforts to ban counseling by licensed professionals for clients distressed with unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity conflicts.

        The report, titled: In Their Own Words—Lies, Deception, and Fraud: The Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Hate Campaign to Ban Psychotherapy for Individuals with Sexual and Gender Identity Conflicts;;, which can be accessed by clicking here;;, was filed by the National Task Force on behalf of the American College of Pediatricians, Christian Medical and Dental Associations, Alliance for Adolescent Health, Family Watch International, Voice of the Voiceless, Center for Family and Human Rights, Jewish Institute for Global Awareness, and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. These organizations represent over 20,000 licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians and over 1,000 clients/patients experiencing sexual and gender identity conflicts.

        Christopher Doyle, a licensed professional counselor, leader in the #TherapyEquality movement, and co-coordinator of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, said the following of the complaint:

        “The complaint our Task Force filed today with the FTC reveals just how deceptive these three organizations (SPLC, HRC, and NCLR) have been acting over the last five years in their ‘hate campaign’ against clients with sexual and gender identity conflicts. Not only have they published misleading and scientifically inaccurate statements on their websites, they have raised untold sums of money in the process from unsuspecting consumers and the general public,” said Doyle. “They have also supported witnesses, in some cases financially, that are guilty of lying and deceiving lawmakers with false stories of ‘therapy torture’ by electric shock and other aversive means. In the process, these organizations have complicity and implicitly committed mass fraud with these inaccurate claims and by refusing to correct distortions about the scientific research regarding therapy. They claim therapy for clients with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion is harmful and ineffective, but even the research conducted by their own liberal-friendly trade organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, contradict the statements they make on their websites, marketing campaigns, and testimony in front of law-making bodies.”

        The complaint to the Federal Trade Commission accuses the three organizations of:

        • Engaging in deceptive and fraudulent marketing practices of the kind the FTC considers malicious, including those that “cause or are likely to cause substantial injury to consumers which is not reasonably avoidable by consumers themselves and not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.”

        • Supporting witnesses on the state, federal, and international level who have delivered unverifiable and fraudulent testimony in front of law-making bodies in the effort to persuade legislative action to ban licensed psychotherapy.

        • Actively raising untold sums of money in the effort to ban psychotherapy by using deceptive and fraudulent practices.

        • Actively and knowingly distorting the scientific research to promote efforts to ban licensed psychotherapy for clients with sexual and gender identity conflicts.

        • Actively distorting the scientific research by promoting the “Born Gay” hoax (and raising untold sums of money), a notion that has been disproved and refuted by organizations such as the American Psychological Association.

        • Engaging in smear and defamatory attacks against licensed psychotherapists and faith-based ministries providing help and assistance to those who experience sexual and gender identity conflicts.

        • Using “opinion-based smears and innuendos” while engaging in political activities, as though they were being educational, while hiding behind their non-profit status to shield themselves from liability lawsuits.

        The Task Force report, In Their Own Words—Lies, Deception, and Fraud;;, provides extensive documentation and evidence not only disproving the fraudulent testimony of gay activists trying to ban therapy, but also presents decades of scientific research that demonstrates sexual attraction and gender identity are not fixed or innate, but are fluid and commonly change, with and without therapeutic intervention.

        “It’s shocking that these gay activists have actually been able to deceive six states and several cities with their pseudoscientific claims of ‘harm’ to ban psychotherapy. It just goes to show you, if you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it,” said Doyle. “From five years of fighting this war being waged by gay activists, we have documented conclusive and definitive proof that the SPLC, HRC, and NCLR are committing mass fraud, and the general public can now see it for themselves. It’s all documented in this report. We even have video footage of gay activists caught in the acts of lies and cover-ups in their effort to deceive lawmakers. We hope this report will prompt outrage from the general public and convince the Federal Trade Commission to finally put a stop to these harmful actions and legislation, and restore therapy rights to minors that desperately seek help.”

  • Resistance👌🏻Media

    Pepe is a meme of peace and has nothing whatsoever to do with Nazism.

    In fact, it is a symbol of diversity, progress, and tolerance.

    Look, Pepe even endorses Blue Virginia!