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Perriello Campaign Calls on Northam to Condemn His Top Surrogate’s Profanity-Laden Rant Attacking Perriello


This one is well deserved (see Perriello campaign statement below). For more on Dick Saslaw, and why I’ve argued for years that he’s a corrupt slimeball who badly needs to be ousted as a Democratic “leader,” see Video: In Crude Language, Sen. Dick Saslaw Argues that Ethics Laws are Irrelevant, Unnecessary, Video: And Now for the Bad Dick Saslaw (D-ominion), Audio: Add This to the Long List of Reasons Why Dick Saslaw Needs to Go, Want to motivate VA Dems to vote? Dump Dick “TitleMax” Saslaw as Leader., etc. etc. Gack. Anyway, yeah, it’s time for the Northam campaign to unequivocally tell Dick where to shove it, that his help is NOT wanted, and that the lies and foul language that Dick uses against a fellow Democrat are completely unacceptable.

Perriello Campaign Calls on Northam to Condemn His Top Surrogate’s Profanity-Laden Rant Attacking Perriello
Northam on Monday at Georgetown: ‘We Have Agreed to Have a Positive Campaign, And That’s How We’ll Move Forward’
Perriello Spokesman: Northam ‘Should Ask Saslaw to Knock It Off or Stop Using Him as a Top Surrogate’
In an interview with Politico published Thursday, top Ralph Northam campaign surrogate Dick Saslaw launched a profanity-laden attack against Tom Perriello, using the words “mother—-er” and “f—ing fantasy” to levy nasty charges directed at Tom. Unfortunately this is not the first time that Saslaw, who has repeatedly been used as a spokesman and surrogate for Northam’s campaign, has lobbed absurd smears against Tom, without condemnation from Northam.

​The attacks follow Northam’s affirmation Monday that he was pursuing a positive campaign, telling Georgetown University students, “We have agreed to have a positive campaign, and that’s how we’ll move forward.”

“Given Sen. Saslaw’s proclivity to resort to four-letter words when lobbing false smears, Lt. Gov. Northam should cut him loose,”said Perriello communications director Ian Sams. “We take Ralph at his word when he says he wants to have a positive campaign, so we hope the lieutenant governor will back that up with action; he should ask Saslaw to knock it off or stop using him as a top surrogate. Stuff like this cheapens the conversation in our primary about who has the best vision for the future of Virginia.”
Tom’s momentum in this race was on display again Thursday, as he announced he had outraised both Northam and Republican frontrunner Ed Gillespie in the first quarter of 2017. Tom has spent this week barnstorming colleges and universities across Virginia, visiting 16 campuses from Fairfax to Radford to Hampton and meeting with hundreds of young Virginians to discuss the future of the state.
  • Sharon Ponton

    Saslaw is a nasty man. Northam should tell him to stop and remove him as a surrogate. However, I’d be surprised if he does.

    Mr. Northam released this week a letter he had written to DEQ regarding the pipelines being proposed to cross VA. He wrote that letter a week after Tom announced his opposition to the pipelines. Mr. Northam has parroted Governor McAuliffe’s position on the pipelines for three years. His letter was nothing more than a political ploy. He has been steadfast in his support of the pipelines and Governor McAuliffe for 3 long years while landowners have begged to be heard but consistently ignored. If Northam were truly concerned, he would have made an effort to do something long before now. He’s just been coasting along, ready to be handed the Governorship. That’s not leadership, IMO.

  • John Farrell

    This posting is pearl clutching at its finest. Shall we get you some smelling salts?

    Especially when compared to the burying of the 8 year long Platt tax scandal story.

    • “the burying of the 8 year long Platt tax scandal story.”

      It was reported in the RTD yesterday, also was in my morning news headlines.

    • BTW, since when have you become a fan of corrupt slimeball Dick Saslaw?

      • John Farrell

        I disagree with Dick’s tendency to secretly coronate favorites in Senate, delegate and other primaries and internal Democratic Party contests.

        But on lots of policy issues, the three of us agree.

        Perriello has failed lay out a policy justification for getting into this race in January. I listened to 6 of his speeches before I heard the word “Virginia.”

        When a campaign has no issues to motivate voters, it’s reduced to complaining about the vulgarity of a surrogate.

        • What do you agree with Saslaw on, exactly? His tight ties with corporations like Dominion Power? His hatred for liberals, progressives, etc? His corruption? His wild enthusiasm for the death penalty? His strong support of the payday lending industry? His support for dirty energy? Other?

          • John Farrell

            Do you oppose restrictions on voting rights? Dick does.

            Do you support a women’s right to choose? Dick does.

            Do you support marriage equality? Dick does.

            The catalogue is long, Dude.

          • Yep, as expected, you didn’t answer my questions, but simply turned it around and asked me questions (answer: yes, of course I oppose voting rights restrictions, support marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose). So, again, do you support the things about Dick I asked you about (throw in his foul mouth and overall disgraceful/embarassing behavior for many years now), or are you going to continue not answering?

  • Withheld Information

    The smears weren’t absurd. The Stupak Amendment was barbaric.