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Sunday News: 7 Key Points on Manmade Climate Change; World Turning to Solar Power Fast; Warner for President 2020?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, April 2. Also check out the interview on last night’s PBS NewsHour about National Geographic’s “Seven Things You Need to Know about Climate Change” edition. The seven key points: 1) “The world is getting warmer”; 2) “It’s because of us”; 3) “We’re sure”; 4) “Ice is melting fast”; 5) “Weather is wrecking havoc”; 6) “Species are being disrupted”; 7) “We can do something about it.”

  • Video: At Equality Virginia’s dinner last night, Terry McAuliffe hinted about possible post-governor plans, “I may be back in another capacity”


  • Schapiro

    Schapiro has a timely column on Mark Warner’s “bipartisan schtick ”

    Which no long cuts it in the Senate after what McConnell and his repub friends did to Merrick Garland last year.

    This week, the Democrats in the Senate should reach the 41 vote threshold to filibuster Gorsuch. The Times reports they have 37 votes so far..
    Mark is one of the “undecided”.
    He needs to get with the program. If he can’t support the democratic position on Gorsuch, he will not be presidential material, ever.
    Perhaps even worse, if he becomes the 42nd vote — deciding to do the right thing after it no longer really matters, he becomes another weak “profile in courage” we’ve seen before from wishy-washy democrats:
    How many people remember when Chuck Robb was the 53rd Senator to announce his opposition to the Bork nomination? That took real courage!

    Yes, Mark seems to be doing a strong job on the intelligence committee. Bipartisanship there should not extend to Gorsuch. McConnell kissed bipartisanship goodbye last year.

  • Quizzical
  • Robert Reich:

    When talking about the “establishment” that Trump and Bannon have targeted, it’s important to distinguish between people and institutions.

    The Trump-Bannon brand of “anti-establishment” politics isn’t an attack on the people who inhabit the American establishment.

    Quite the contrary: Trump has filled his administration with billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls. And he’s thrown ethics out the window. There’s no longer any clear line between family business and national business. Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner – owners of a vast a real estate and investment empire worth as much as $740 million and now among the most senior federal government officials – have in recent weeks hosted, alongside Trump, chief executives of the world’s largest automobile, airline, chemical, pharmaceutical and tech companies.

    Trump’s and Bannon’s “anti-establishment” politics is instead an attack on the core institutions of American society: an independent and free press, the courts, science, freedom of religion, and free and fair elections untainted by foreign influence.

    This is upside-down populism.

    It’s crucial that we preserve and protect these core institutions — which since the founding of the republic have been our only real hope of constraining oligarchic control of America.

    The biggest danger to these democratic institutions is the big money, financial conflicts of interest, corruption, and ethical carelessness Trump is blatantly encouraging.

  • Quizzical
  • Video: Scott Pruitt is an ignorant buffoon (start with the Big Lie about the government not picking winners and losers, continue with this denial of man-made climate change, etc.). He’s also evil.


  • Robert Reich:

    The noose tightens.

    1. Recall that after former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was told recently by the White House she didn’t have clearance to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, and then, when she said she was going to do so anyway, Devin Nunes, the Republican chair, cancelled last week’s hearing.
    2. One of the people Yates was planning to discuss was former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.
    3. Last week Flynn asked for immunity from prosecution in return for spilling some beans.
    4. Now we learn that last week the White House asked Flynn to “amend” the financial disclosure form he turned in months ago before he was named Trump’s National Security Advisor.
    5. Guess what? Flynn’s “amended” disclosure, released yesterday, lists income from Flynn’s consulting firm, whose clients are not revealed, as well as income from several Russian firms that he had left out of his original form — including the cyber-security firm Kaspersky Government Security Solutions.
    6. Kaspersky makes some of the world’s most widely used anti-malware programs, and has documented ties to Russian intelligence agencies. The company’s founder, Eugene Kaspersky, was educated at a KGB-sponsored cryptography school, and worked as a Russian intelligence agent. An investigation by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2015 found that the company frequently used data collected from its hundreds of millions of customers to aid Russian authorities — including the KGB’s successor, the FSB — in criminal investigations. Since 2012, many high level positions at the company have been filled with former Russian military and intelligence agents.
    7. In December, Russian prosecutors charged a manager at Kaspersky with treason, saying he and two Russian information-security officials were “interacting” with U.S. intelligence officials, according to a defense lawyer in the case.

    Connect the dots. What do you think?