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Thanks to “Enormous Pressure” From Landowners, Environmentalists, etc., “good news today on Virginia pipelines”


Is the pressure against Dominion Power’s proposed natural gas pipelines – Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast – working? According to Mike Tidwell of the kickass Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), massive public pressure on “huge supporter” Terry McAuliffe and other has led to a “basic concession” by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality — which “has finally agreed to conduct individualized reviews of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline to determine whether they comply with state and federal water quality standards.” Remember, these pipelines are bad ideas from almost any perspective you look at them: 1) the are strongly opposed by Virginians, according to this poll; 2) they are a massive boondoggle of new, potentially “stranded” fossil fuel assets; and 3) they are environmentally a really bad way to go, given the nasty impacts of fracking on the environment.

From: Mike Tidwell <mtidwell@chesapeakeclimate.org>
Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 4:12 PM
Subject: Good news today on Virginia pipelines
To: Mike Tidwell <mtidwell@chesapeakeclimate.org>


Today we heard good news in the fight against the massive fracked gas pipelines proposed for Virginia. The Department of Environmental Quality, under Governor Terry McAuliffe, has finally agreed to conduct individualized reviews of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline to determine whether they comply with state and federal water quality standards. Importantly, these individual reviews will allow citizens and experts to be heard as part of the process.

Governor McAuliffe, unfortunately, is a huge supporter of these controversial pipelines. And his DEQ — until today — has shown very little interest in doing anything but rubber stamping the pipelines. But today, after enormous pressure from landowners, legal experts, environmental groups, and others, the DEQ has relented. It is incredible that is has taken years to get DEQ to commit to this basic public right. But as of today DEQ will review each pipeline’s impact to water quality while also allowing the public to weigh in. (See below).

We are confident that a full-fledged review of the projects will show that there is no way they can be built and operated without harming water quality. Allowing public input will further highlight the enormous public opposition to the MVP and ACP. Learn more about the dangers of these pipelines here.

Rest assured that, without the growing public movement to stop these pipelines over the past 2.5 years, this basic concession from the Governor and DEQ would not have happened. Many thanks to everyone who’s worked to bring environmental justice to these massive and misguided pipeline proposals.

We look forward to the public comment process and will keep you informed on all fronts.


Mike Tidwell

Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

DEQ will require additional individual 401 certifications for natural gas transmission pipeline projects
April 6, 2017Contact: Bill Hayden
(804) 698-4447

RICHMOND, VA. — In keeping with Governor McAuliffe’s commitment that the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines will be constructed in the most environmentally protective manner, the Department of Environmental Quality has notified ACP and MVP that in addition to utilizing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers nationwide permit 12 for wetland and stream crossings, DEQ will be requiring individual 401 water quality certifications for each project.

These certifications will ensure that Virginia water quality standards are maintained in all areas affected by the projects. The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on these certifications and the conditions required to protect water quality. DEQ also will hold public hearings on the draft certifications. Once the comment period has concluded the proposed final certifications will be brought before the State Water Control Board.

  • Spencer Phillips

    Great! Now how about a serious look at the pipeline companies’ claims that pipelines will either provide significant economic benefits while having no negative economic impacts. Neither is true. See http://keylogeconomics.com/projectsandpublications/acpcosts/ and http://keylogeconomics.com/projectsandpublications/mvpcosts/

  • terrell bowers

    The state agency in charge of conserving land, Virginia Outdoors Foundation, recently declared “We have done everything we can to stop this pipeline!” It will come as a shock to many that Virginia Outdoors Foundation allows fracking in several conservation easements in the Chesapeake Bay region:

    – The 2013 Blandfield Plantation easement allows 88 oil wells, 24 gas wells, and fracking fluid storage!
    – The 2002 Beverly Marsh easement allows oil and gas drilling in a tidal marsh!
    – The 1977 Kendale Farm easement was changed – twice – to allow “exploration and extraction of oil and gas” and “oil and gas mining!

    These VOF easements are located directly across from the Rappahannock River National Wildlife Refuge, and along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. Audubon stated that this stretch of the Rappahannock River is “the most pristine major tributary to the Chesapeake Bay.”

    Maps and easement documents can be viewed at http://www.FrackingIsNotConservation.com

    Please email Molly Ward, the Secretary of Natural Resources, and demand that VOF rescind fracking from these conservation easements before it is too late: Molly.Ward@governor.virginia.gov