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Thursday News: Stephen Colbert Bids Adieu to Scumbag Bill O’Reilly; “The North Korea-Trump Nightmare”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, April 20.

  • From the Perriello for Governor campaign:

    Alexandria, Prince William County, Charlottesville, and Newport News School Board Members Endorse Tom Perriello for Governor

    Charlottesville Board Chair Wade: ‘[Tom Has] The Kind Of Progressive Vision We Need To Move Virginia Forward.”

    Newport News Member Harris: ‘Now Is the Time to Expand Opportunities for Every Virginian, and That’s Exactly What Tom Perriello Will Do as Governor.’

    Today, April 20, seven school board members from across Virginia are endorsing Tom Perriello ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary for Virginia governor. These educators and local leaders universally cite Tom’s deep understanding and commitment to Virginia’s schools, as well as his acknowledgment that education is the greatest vehicle to dignity and opportunity for children of every background, as their primary reasons for endorsement. Tom’s bold, inclusive vision for education includes promises to put Virginia on a path towards universal pre-K, provide two years of debt-free college or vocational training to every Virginian, and replace the school-to-prison pipeline that unjustly traps so many students of color in a devastating cycle of incarceration with a school-to-workforce pipeline.

    “Tom Perriello was the first candidate in this race to address the school-to-prison pipeline and his commitment to break the cycle of incarceration that largely impacts communities of color is clear,” said Charlottesville School Board Chair Juandiego R. Wade. “His is the kind of progressive vision we need to move Virginia forward. I’m honored to stand with Tom Perriello in this fight.”

    “Tom comes from a family of teachers and knows that investment in our education system, providing better resources to both teachers and students, is critical for our state’s future,” said Charlottesville School Board Vice Chair Amy Laufer. “He cares about our communities and will fight tirelessly to ensure that each child receives a shot at the American dream.”

    “Now is the time to expand opportunities for every Virginian, and that’s exactly what Tom Perriello will do as governor,” said Newport News School Board Member Marvin Harris. “Tom knows that too many communities in Virginia have been left behind and that a good education is the clearest pathway to the middle class. He will work across the aisle on this nonpartisan issue to ensure each of our children receives the best opportunities for success.”

    “We need a bold leader with an education plan for all Virginia children, which is why I am proud to endorse Tom Perriello for governor,” said Charlottesville School Board Member Leah Puryear. “Virginia is home to some of the best public universities in the country, but at the same time, too many of our young students can’t afford to attend college or are burdened by debt upon graduating. Tom understands the negative impact student debt has on our economy – and he’s ready to tackle the issue head on.”

    “I am excited to support Tom Perriello for governor because he has an actionable plan to make childcare more affordable and expand early childhood education,” said Charlottesville School Board Member Jennifer McKeever. “Tom believes that every child should not only have an opportunity to succeed but also have access to the resources necessary to succeed.”

    “Tom is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent Virginia’s next generation from achieving their potential,” said Alexandria School Board Member Veronica Nolan. “From the costs of higher education to better resources in our schools, Tom Perriello will be the type of governor who puts the education and future of our children first.”

    “Families and teachers in Prince William County and across the Commonwealth deserve a governor who will fight for them – Tom Perriello will be that governor,” said Prince William County School Board Member Justin Wilk. “Tom is committed to investing in under-resourced public schools and raising teacher pay. For these reasons, Tom has my full support.”

    “I am proud to have the support of these outstanding education advocates who have all worked tirelessly for the benefit of children across Virginia,” said Tom Perriello. “It’s time to seriously invest in our education system and protect our public schools from conservative attacks and neglect. Together we will make the Commonwealth’s public schools a brighter beacon of learning and opportunity for every Virginia child, regardless of race or region.”

    Full List of Endorsers Include:

    Juandiego Wade, Board Chair, Charlottesville School Board
    Amy Laufer, Board Vice Chair, Charlottesville School Board
    Marvin Harris, Member, Newport News School Board
    Leah Puryear, Member, Charlottesville School Board
    Jennifer McKeever, Member, Charlottesville School Board
    Veronica Nolan, Member, Alexandria School Board
    Justin Wilk, Member, Prince William County School Board

  • Video: Northam for Governor “Haley” video


  • From the Northam for Governor campaign:

    RELEASE: LiUNA Endorses Ralph Northam for Virginia Governor

    Richmond, VA – In a press conference Thursday, LiUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) announced their endorsement of Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam as their choice in the Virginia governor’s race.

    Lieutenant Governor Northam has been a committed partner to Virginia labor, voting against a Right to Work constitutional amendment and fighting for equality for state employees, including pay raises and bans against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The lieutenant governor has been a longtime advocate of raising the Commonwealth’s minimum wage, has fought to preserve mandatory project labor agreements for state-funded projects, and to “ban the box” on state employment applications.

    “Fairness is one of Ralph’s Virginia values — that’s why we’re proud to have him fighting in labor’s corner,” said Dave Allison, Baltimore/Washington Laborers District Council Business Manager. “He’s advocated for equality, fairness, and protections for employees in the state senate and as lieutenant governor and he will continue to do so as Governor. He’s exactly the champion we need in Richmond. That’s why we’ll champion him this June and November with our wholehearted support.”

    “It is a tremendous honor to receive LiUNA’s endorsement,” said Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. “As governor, I’ll continue supporting Virginia’s labor community in their fight for fairness and equality. There will always be a seat at my table to discuss the rights and protections of workers in the Commonwealth.”

  • Statement from Delegate Simon on the Governor’s Announcement

    Richmond, VA – Virginia Delegate Marcus B. Simon (HD-53), who has been vocal in his support of clemency for Ivan Teleguz, issued this statement today regarding the Governor’s announcement.

    “I applaud the Governor for commuting the death sentence of Ivan Teleguz and avoiding what might have been an irreversible miscarriage of justice, citing some of the obvious problems with evidence admitted during the sentencing phase of Mr. Teleguz’s trial.

    Today the system worked as it was designed. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia grants the Governor clemency powers for cases such as this, where obvious errors need to be corrected.

    I understand that the Governor approached this case with an open mind and was eager to hear from anyone and everyone who wanted to weigh in. I have always known the Governor to be just and thoughtful and am grateful that he was able to come to the decision to commute the death sentence for Ivan today.

    Ivan’s sentence, problematic as it has been, is likely not unique. I hope that one day Virginia will abolish the death penalty all together so that announcements like the one we received today become a relic of a bygone era.”

    Delegate Simon and Delegate Patrick Hope sent the Governor a letter urging him to commute Mr. Teleguz’s death sentence on April 6th.

    Mr. Teleguz’s execution was scheduled for April 25th.

  • Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement on Governor McAuliffe’s Decision to Commute Teleguz’s Sentence

    RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam released the following statement after Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his decision to commute Ivan Teleguz’s sentence to life in prison without parole.

    “I thank Governor McAuliffe and his administration for carefully reviewing the specific evidence and circumstances regarding Mr. Ivan Teleguz’s case, and I stand with his decision to commute his sentence. Pardoning or commuting cases involving the death penalty are a solemn responsibility that no Governor takes lightly. We must continue to uphold the due process of law, and ensure all Virginians continue to have faith in our criminal justice system.”