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Video: Michael Pope Moderates Arlington Young Dems County Board Debate


Great job last night by the Arlington Young Democrats in organizing the well-run, well-moderated (by Virginia Public Radio’s Mmmmmichael Pope) Arlington County Board Democratic debate. The candidates are Erik Gutshall, Kim Klingler, Peter Fallon and Vivek Patil — four very strong candidates, by the way, Arlington should be very proud. Check out video below.

Peter Fallon’s opening statement

Erik Gutshall’s opening statement

Vivek Patil’s opening statement

Kim Klingler’s opening statement

All four candidates strongly support protecting Arlington’s tree canopy, green space, environment in general.

Erik Gutshall is proud of his endorsements by Jay Fisette, Barbara Favola, etc.

Should Arlington hold a firehouse caucus or a primary? All four candidates prefer a primary, but Gutshall sees many merits in Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), which – thanks to the Dillon Rule and Virginia legislators who won’t allow localities to use IRV – can’t be used in a primary.

All four candidates support a 2-cent increase this year in the Arlington tax rate.

The candidates discuss ways to close the “achievement gap,” as evidenced by differing High School graduation.

Should Arlington have given “corporate welfare” to Nestle, “one of the worst corporations in the world?”

How would candidates combat the “state of fear” immigrants are living in right now due to the Trump administration?

Candidates on the importance of voting. Bottom line: “elections matter,” including/especially at the local level, so exercise your precious right to vote!

Should school start as early as it does?

Peter Fallon discusses his campaign finance report

Vivek Patil discusses his skills to serve on the County Board.

Vivek Patil on creating a clean/green tech economy in Arlington.

Kim Klingler asked, “why run again now?”

Why should candidates be voters’ #2 pick if not #1?

How would candiates ensure that Arlington County government is more diverse at senior levels?

Candidates discuss how to improve services for victims/survivors of sexual violence in Arlington.

Fun question: two candidates prefer NY-style pizza, two prefer Chicago-style

Another fun question: Who should win the Washington Nationals presidents race. Check out Kim Klingler’s answer in particular, you’ll thank me. 🙂


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