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Virginia 1Q17 Campaign Finance Numbers Start Rolling In [UPDATED Tuesday AM]


Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, Virginia political junkies, as – are you sitting down? this is exciting stuff! LOL – campaign finance data for the 1st quarter of 2017 start rolling in.

Seriously, though, how much money candidates raise is kinda important, even it seems kind of boring/inside-baseball, because money…well, the world doesn’t go ’round, you can’t tell voters how wonderful you are and how awful your opponent is, etc.

With that, I’ll post numbers here as they come in via the State Board of Elections and VPAP.  Let’s start with an election that’s actually happening tomorrow, between Jacqueline Smith (D) and Jackson Miller (R) for Clerk of the Circuit Court in Prince William County. My question on this one is simple: why haven’t Democrats given Smith enough money to match Miller, or at least come close? I mean, PW County only went for Obama twice and Clinton by a big margin…

Jackson Miller (R): $157,806 plus $77,500 in “last-minute money”
Jacqueline Smith (D): $35,535 and no “last-minute money.”

See below for more money numbers as they come in (note that I’m abbreviating “Cash on Hand” as “CoH”)…

Ralph Northam (D) raised $1,443,563 (plus $51,709 in his PAC), had $3,114,354 CoH (plus $217,230 in his PAC)
Tom Perriello (D) raised $2,214,576, had $1,710,820 CoH
Ed Gillespie (R) raised $1,877,314 (plus $8,211 in his PAC), had $3,022,975 CoH (plus $21,159 in his PAC).
Corey Stewart (R) raised $306,423, had $409,478 CoH.
Frank Wagner (R) raised $59,830, had $178,280 CoH.

Justin Fairfax (D) raised $289,531, had $145,682 CoH.
Susan Platt (D) raised $136,805, had $97,788 CoH.
Gene Rossi (D) raised $124,773, had $62,626 CoH
Jill Vogel (R) raised $209,367, had $549,390 CoH
Bryce Reeves (R) raised $430,297 (plus $8,777 in his PAC), had $443,932 CoH (plus $4,963 in his PAC)
Glenn Davis (R) raised $129,180, had $31,552 CoH.

Mark Herring (D) raised $406,736 (plus $116,164 in his PAC), had $564,469 CoH (plus $822,547 in his PAC).
John Adams (R) raised $427,621, had $560,529 CoH

HD2: Josh King (D) raised $41,249, had $35,397 CoH; Jennifer Carroll Foy raised $24,129, had $23,720 CoH; Laquan Austion (R) raised $44,699, had $36,621 CoH.
HD10: Wendy Gooditis (D) raised $8,869, had $6,367 CoH; Del. Randy Minchew (R) raised $6,043, had $164,563 CoH
HD12: Chris Hurst (D) raised $84,515, had $69,529 CoH; Del. Joseph Yost (R) raised $66,847, had $117,141 CoH.
HD13: Steven Jansen (D) raised $73,040, had $62,185 CoH; Andrew Adams (D) raised $5,600, had $5,600 CoH; Danica Roem (D) raised $26,493, had $14,756 CoH; Mansimran Kahlon (D) raised $60,865, had $52,702 CoH; Del. Bob Marshall (R) raised $4,697, had $75,445 CoH.
HD18: Tristan Shields (D) raised $11,980, had $1,508 CoH; Del. Michael Webert (R) raised $3,650, had $40,747 CoH.
HD21: Kelly Fowler (D) raised $22,144, had $18,117 CoH; Tom Brock (D) raised $21,120, had $12,546 CoH; Del. Ron Villanueva (R) raised $30,550, had $22,598 CoH.
HD26: Cathy Copeland (D) raised $2,786, had $1,755 CoH; Brent Finnegan (D) raised $3,920, had $706 CoH
HD27: Larry Barnett (D) raised $4,437, had $4,004 CoH; Del. Roxann Robinson (R) raised $300, had $67,822 CoH
HD28: Joshua Cole (D) raised $6,856, had $1,477 CoH; Paul Milde (R) raised $55,429, had $52,093 CoH; Robert Thomas (R) raised $16,845, had $16,422 CoH; Susan Stimpson (R) raised $10,978, had $7,617 CoH.
HD30: Annette Hyde (D) raised $1,530, had $1,528 CoH; Del. Nick Freitas raised $1,314, had $5,918 CoH.
HD31: Elizabeth Guzman (D) raised $52,555, had $39,667 CoH; Sarah Townsend (D) raised $32,354, had $28,125 CoH; Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R) raised $10,515.
HD32: David Reid (D) raised $69,143, had $48,779 CoH; Del. Tag Greason (R) raised $60,405, had $90,172 CoH
HD33: Mavis Taintor (D) raised $175,210 ($110,000 of which was from herself), had $169,082 CoH; Tia Walbridge (D) raised $14,995, had $12,157 CoH; Del. Dave LaRock (R) raised $5,705, had $15,018 CoH.
HD40: Donte Tanner (D) raised $4,628, had $4,518 CoH; Del. Tim Hugo (R) raised $59,046
HD42: Tilly Blanding (D) raised $44,110, had $37,079 CoH; Kathy Tran (D) raised $43,233, had $40,202 CoH.
HD50: Lee Carter (D) raised $14,757, had $9,837 CoH; Del. Jackson Miller (R) raised $16,250, had $200,994 CoH
HD51: Hala Ayala (D) raised $9,685, had $8,593 CoH; Ken Boddye (D) raised $15,461, had $9,866 CoH; Del. Rich Anderson (R) raised $4,455, had $57,998 CoH.
HD56: Melissa Dart (D) raised $5,400, had $5,295 CoH; Lizzie Drucker-Basch raised $15,740, had $10,407 CoH; Surya Dhakar (R) raised $58,173, had $57,804 CoH.
HD57: Del. David Toscano (D) raised $34,605, had $204,824 CoH; Ross Mittiga (D) raised $3,786, had $1,467 CoH
HD58: Kellen Squire (D) raised $9,044, had $4,848 CoH; Del. Rob Bell (R) raised $37,945
HD62: Sheila Bynum-Coleman (D) raised $26,240, had $19,962 CoH; Tavorise K. Marks (D) raised $606, had $6 CoH
HD64: Rebecca Colaw (D) raised $3,978, had $617 CoH; John Wandling raised $9,566, had $7,859 CoH; Jerry Cantrell raised $372, had ZERO CoH.
HD67: John Carey (D) raised $12,922, had $10,040 CoH; Karrie Delaney (D) raised $68,663, had $59,829 CoH; Hannah Risheq (D) raised $5,437, had $1,132 CoH; Del. Jim LeMunyon (R) raised $53,423, had $51,981 CoH.
HD68: Mary Jo Sheely (D) raised $23,574, had $20,101 CoH; Ben Pearson-Nelson (D) raised $3,624, had $1,440 CoH; Dawn Adams (D) raised $34,951, had $14,847 CoH; Del. Manoli Loupassi (R) raised $3,350, had $153,428 CoH.
HD72: Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) raised $32,385, had $27,648 CoH
HD73: William Coleman (D) raised $3,130, had $1,601 CoH;; Debra Rodman (D) raised $6,172, had $4,894 CoH; Chelsea Savage (D) raised $10,615, had $5,522 CoH; Del. John O’Bannon (R) raised $23,153
HD81: Kimberly Tucker (D) raised $955, had $162 CoH; Del. Barry Knight (R) raised $4,250, had $328,710 CoH.
HD83: Justin Morgan (D) raised $400, had $47 CoH; David Rose-Carmack (D) raised $1,581, had $1,228 CoH; Del. Chris Stolle (R) raised $15,213, had $35,017 CoH.
HD84: Erin Edlow (D) raised $741, had $660 CoH
HD85: Cheryl Turpin (D) raised $31,484, had $40,929 CoH; Del. Rocky Holcomb (R) raised $2,420, had $10,919 CoH.
HD87: Del. John Bell (D) raised $69,026, had $107,492 CoH; Subba Kolla (R) raised $284,693, had $263,185 CoH
HD89: Joe Dillard (D) raised $22,880, had $10,070 CoH; Jay Jones (D) raised $71,147, had $58,619 CoH.
HD91 Michael Wade (D) raised $6,917, had $5,382 CoH; Del. Gordon Helsel (R) raised $75, had $22,903 CoH.
HD93: Del. Mike Mullin (D) raised $25,809, had $33,776 CoH; Heather Cordasco (R) raised $28,579, had $35,417 CoH.
HD99: Francis Edwards (D) raised $4,062, had $3,922 CoH; Vivian Messner raised $352, had ZERO CoH

COUNTY BOARD: Erik Gutshall (D) raised $22,513, had $13,700 CoH; Vivek Patil raised $20,320, had $12,348 CoH; Kim Klingler (D) raised $14,352, had $11,348 CoH; Peter Fallon (D) raised $51,129 (including a $41,100 “in-kind” contribution to himself), had $8,435 CoH.

SCHOOL BOARD: James Lander (D) raised $9,808, had $5,052 CoH; Monique O’Grady (D) raised $19,339, had $12,940 CoH; Maura McMahon raised $10,490, had $7,320 CoH.


    ~ $523,000 raised and $1.38 million cash on hand are largest ever Q1 totals for an Attorney General candidate ~

    RICHMOND – During the first quarter of 2017, Attorney General Mark R. Herring continued to work tirelessly on behalf of the people of Virginia, putting heroin traffickers behind bars, successfully blocking President Trump’s Muslim ban, fighting for new tools to protect Virginians from hate crimes, and protecting Virginia consumers from exploitation.

    Herring also raised $523,000 for his reelection campaign in just 46 days. Herring was prohibited from fundraising during the General Assembly legislative session. As of March 31st, Herring had $1.38 million cash on hand for his reelection.

    These are the largest ever Q1 fundraising and cash on hand totals for any Attorney General candidate, and is 73% more than Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, the last statewide elected official to run for reelection, raised during the comparable quarter in 2009.

    “Attorney General Herring has worked relentlessly to keep Virginia families safe and to protect our rights, and it’s clear that Virginians like the results,” said Adam Zuckerman, Herring’s Campaign Manager. “Our opponent will have the backing of the same kind of deep-pocketed corporate interests that pay him to defend them, and the anti-LGBT organizations that share his enthusiasm for discriminatory policies. We’ll take the grassroots support of Virginians any day of the week.”

    Herring Q1 Fundraising Breakdown

    Raised: $522,900.81
    ($406,736.24 Virginians for Mark Herring; $116,164.57 One Commonwealth PAC)

    Cash on Hand: $1,387,016.69
    ($564,469.07 Virginians for Mark Herring; $822,547.62 One Commonwealth PAC)

    To boost his fundraising totals in Q1, white-collar defense attorney John Adams, who says he makes his living “defend[ing] individuals and companies who are being prosecuted by DOJ or investigated by the SEC,” benefitted from $250,000 from the Republican Attorneys General Association which recently decided to change its own rules and attack Democratic incumbents because of a “a desire by some to roll back same-sex marriage and the potential for increased corporate contributions.”

  • Kathy Tran for Delegate Raised $43,000 in March, Began April with $40,000 Cash on Hand

    SPRINGFIELD, Va. – Kathy Tran has reported raising over $43,000 in the first five weeks of her campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates’ 42nd district. Tran’s campaign also reported starting April with over $40,000 cash on hand, more than any other candidate in the race.

    Nearly 85% of the campaign’s March contributions were of $100 or less, and more than 67% of the campaign’s donors were women. The median contribution to the campaign was $50.

    “Kathy’s strong first quarter fundraising numbers show that she is uniting both the long-time Democratic activists and the newly engaged progressive grassroots needed to win in the June primary and the Democrats’ best pickup opportunity this November,” said Tran Campaign Manager Noah Kim. “Grassroots donors and volunteers are stepping up, many for their first campaign, to support a refugee who will fight Trump in Richmond and to elect the first Asian American woman to Virginia state government. They recognize that Kathy’s commitment to progressive values like investing in our public schools, expanding access to affordable health care, and fighting to defend a welcoming and inclusive commonwealth is needed to replace the outgoing Republican incumbent and turn the 42nd district blue for the first time in nearly 40 years.”

    Current Filing (1/1/17 through 3/31/17):
    $43,233.79 Raised
    $40,202.80 Cash on Hand

  • Delaney Outraises All Candidates in Race for Virginia’s 67th District
    Reports an Impressive $68,663.20 Raised for 1st Quarter of 2017

    CHANTILLY, Va. — Community leader Karrie Delaney today announced an impressive quarter of fundraising, with her campaign bringing in more than $68,000 from January 1st to March 31st. Delaney led all candidates in the race for Virginia’s 67th District in money raised for the quarter, and has more cash on hand than any other candidate, including the Republican incumbent, Jim LeMunyon. She begins April with just under $60,000 cash-on-hand.

    “We are extremely excited to see support from people across the district. Our grassroots campaign has already received donations from over 800 people and we see new supporters joining every day.” said Delaney. “This continues to show that people are fed up with the political games being played in Richmond, and are ready to elect representatives who will stand up for our Northern Virginia values.”

    Karrie Delaney’s Campaign Manager, Will Van Nuys, added, “These reports show the clear contrast in this race. While Karrie is receiving her donations from grassroots supporters, LeMunyon continues to be bought and paid for by the Richmond Republicans, with $30,000 of his $53,000 coming from his Republican Leadership.This should come as no surprise after LeMunyon continues to vote against his constituents on issues like Medicaid Expansion and Full-Day Kindergarten for Loudoun County. The people the 67th District are ready for a change.”

  • Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor Announces 2017 First Quarter Finance Report; Outraises Both Other Democratic Lt. Governor Candidates Combined

    Justin Fairfax made the following statement on the first campaign fundraising period of 2017:

    “Our campaign for Lt. Governor of Virginia raised nearly $300,000 in the first quarter of 2017; more than 65% from small-dollar donations of $100 or less. We have the support of almost 3,000 donors and amazing momentum exactly eight weeks before the June 13th Primary Election. This is truly a grassroots campaign of energized people who are ready to resist the assault on our rights and values by this administration in Washington and to reassert our progressive values here in Virginia to make sure everyone can rise and achieve the American Dream.”

    In the past three months, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor raised more than twice the amount raised by each other Democratic Lt. Governor candidate in the race. The campaign also raised more than the two other campaigns combined, both for the first quarter and for the entirety of the campaign, from thousands more donors.

    Fairfax said, “There are no big corporations funding our campaign. We are a grassroots movement driven by the people from the ground up. Our supporters have made it possible for us to reach hundreds of thousands of voters over the last 11 months by building a large statewide campaign operation, including hundreds of energized volunteers, and traveling more than 30,000 miles around the Commonwealth to share our message of economic security and opportunity for all Virginians.

    We are looking forward to winning the June 13th Primary and continuing on to help the entire ticket win in November.”

  • Delegate Kathleen Murphy Raises Nearly $80,000 in First Quarter of 2017

    McLEAN, Va — Delegate Kathleen Murphy raised nearly $80,000 in the first quarter of the election for Virginia’s 34th House District in the few weeks since the close of the legislative session.

    Reflecting her strong grassroots support, Murphy saw donations from over 250 supporters, a majority of which were less than $100. In stark contrast, her Republican opponent raised just $6,500 – $5,000 from a single donor.

    “It’s inspiring to see so many Virginians standing behind our positive message of growing the economy, funding our schools and keeping our families safe,” said Hugh Verrier, Murphy for Delegate campaign manager. “These numbers reflect Kathleen’s strong and deep support in this community. We’re looking forward to running a positive campaign that focuses on the issues important to the people of the 34th district.”

    Murphy represents Virginia’s 34th district, an increasingly Democratic district that she first won in a special election in January 2015 to fill the seat left vacant when Republican Barbara Comstock was elected to Congress. Murphy won re-election in November of 2015, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by the Republican party to defeat her. In the General Assembly, Murphy has been a strong voice for education, promoting economic growth, and advancing bipartisan common-sense measures to prevent gun violence.

  • Blanding Raises $44,110 In Quarter 1, 583 Under $100, Demonstrating Strong Grassroots Support

    April 18th, 2017

    Springfield, VA – Tilly Blanding raised $44,110 in the first 6 weeks of her campaign. Over half of all money raised – and 92% of the 631 contributions – were under $100, highlighting the true grassroots nature of Blanding’s campaign.

    When Delegate Albo announced his retirement a few weeks ago, he said “It’s going to be a hard seat for Republicans to win, to be honest with you.” As momentum continues to grow for Blanding in District 42 and throughout Northern Virginia, Delegate Albo’s words ring even more true. “I am so humbled by the outpouring of support from my community, “ said Blanding on Tuesday. “For the last 30 years I have dedicated my life to lifting people up throughout Fairfax County and Virginia, through my work with my union SEIU Virginia 512, as a social worker, and as an active member of the Democratic Party. As Delegate, I will continue to fight for all individuals across the state.”

    Last week Blanding received the endorsements of her union SEIU Virginia 512, Lt. Governor Candidate Justin Fairfax, Supervisor John Foust, and School Board members Pat Hynes and Chris Lewis.

  • Hurst Outraises Incumbent in First Reporting Period

    BLACKSBURG, Va.- In the first reporting period since announcing his candidacy for the House of Delegates, Chris Hurst raised $84,515, out-raising his opponent, Delegate Joseph Yost, by more than $17,000.

    “Our campaign is powered by 700 individual donors and many more volunteers who are ready to see a change in Richmond,” said Hurst. “I’m very grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support and look forward to representing the people of the 12th District.”

    In contrast, Yost, received only 19 contributions, totaling $66,847. Yost has not had a reportable donation in Giles County, Montgomery County, the city of Radford or anywhere else in the 12th District since Hurst announced his candidacy.

    Prior to his campaign for Delegate, Chris was evening anchor of WDBJ7 for six years, serving the people of southwest Virginia. During that time, he was recognized as “Media Person of the Year” by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “Citizen of the Year” by the Roanoke NAACP, and “Your Local Hero” by the readers of the Roanoker magazine. He twice won a regional Edward R. Murrow award and was nominated for an Emmy award.

  • Steven Jansen Fundraising Among Strongest in Virginia:

    Raises Over $73k in Two Months, Maintains Over $62k Cash On Hand

    GAINESVILLE, VA – Former prosecutor and Democratic candidate for Delegate, Steven Jansen of Lake Manassas, reported raising over $73,000 in just two months, and maintains over $62,000 cash on hand. Jansen entered the race in February and received over 600 contributions over the course of the campaign since his announcement.

    In just two months after announcing in February, Jansen’s campaign raised $73,040.39, out raising most incumbents and nearly every Democratic House of Delegates challenger in the Commonwealth. Jansen also out raised all of his opponents, including Del. Bob Marshall’s entire showing for the year of 2016. At the end of 2016, Marshall reported $43,268 in receipts. Democrats link Jansen’s fundraising success to Democratic enthusiasm to win the seat in November.

    “The amount of support we’ve received in the bank and on the ground has been overwhelming,” said Zack Carroll, Jansen’s Campaign Manager. “It speaks volumes to the enthusiasm Steve has generated as the candidate who will beat Bob Marshall.” The campaign says Jansen’s impressive fundraising has continued since the report. “Without a single contribution from PACs or corporations and an average donation around $100, our momentum is just beginning,” Carroll said. “The success of our first two months is the result of hundreds of sustaining grassroots supporters who know Steve has what it takes to turn progressive ideas into progressive results.”

    Atif Qarni, former House District 13 candidate for Delegate, also praised Jansen’s report. Qarni barely lost to Marshall in 2013 by less than 500 votes. “As someone with knowledge of the District and a former candidate myself, I’m impressed with the fundraising number just put up by Steve” Qarni said. “With over 73K raised and a healthy balance of high and low dollar donors, the report truly shows the amount of work that went into the last two months.”

    The 13th District voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by double digits, and Democrats narrowly lost it by a margin of 498 votes in 2013, the last gubernatorial year. With Donald Trump in the White House and higher turnout during gubernatorial election years, Democrats consider it one of the top pickup opportunities in the Commonwealth.

    Steven Jansen is a dad, husband, advocate, teacher and former prosecutor, who has devoted his life to helping make his community safer, fairer, and more prosperous. Steve serves as the Director of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV), an organization devoted to finding policy solutions to protect our communities from gun violence. Last year, Steve oversaw the development of national protocols to ensure firearms are removed from domestic abusers. Steve was also the Director of the National Center for Community Prosecution (NCCP) at the National District Attorneys Association in Alexandria, where he advocated for community-driven criminal justice reform. Steve is currently a teacher of Justice, Law & Criminology at American University.

    Steve lives with his wife, Giselle, and their two children Greyson (6) and Angelina (2) in Lake Manassas, where Steve serves as Director of the Lake Manassas Home Owners Association.