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Del. Paul Krizek Endorses in Virginia House of Delegates Primaries


by Thomas Bowman

Krizek Endorses in House of Delegates Primaries

Steve Jansen, Sara Townsend and Kathy Tran give Democratic Party best chance at November victory.

Mount Vernon, VADelegate Paul Krizek (D- Mount Vernon, Lee) endorsed Steve Jansen, Sara Townsend and Kathy Tran, in their primary campaigns to be the Democratic nominees for the Virginia House of Delegates today.

“I strongly believe these candidates give the Democratic Party the best opportunity for victory in the November General Election,” said Krizek. “Jansen, Townsend and Tran are laser-focused on policies that will bring high-quality jobs to their areas and grow Virginia’s economy.”

About Steve Jansen, running against Bob Marshall in HD13, Krizek said, “Jansen gives Democrats the best opportunity to take out Marshall in the November election. Steve Jansen is focused on ways to grow the economy, while Republican Bob Marshall is distracted with sponsoring socially extreme legislation, like the transgender bathroom bill, that would turn Virginia into North Carolina.”

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Regarding Sara Townsend, running in HD31, Krizek said, “Sara Townsend is one of the most knowledgeable candidates I’ve ever worked with. As a middle school civics teacher, she will fight for our schools and stand up to the Republicans in Richmond. Sara is the best candidate to win and I’m looking forward to serving with her in the House of Delegates.”

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About Kathy Tran In HD42, next door to his district, Krizek said, “Kathy Tran is knocking the doors, making the phone calls and putting in the work required to win in the Primary and General Election. As a policy expert in workforce development and the president of her PTA, she will fight to invest in our public schools, grow our economy, and be a strong progressive voice for a welcoming and inclusive Virginia.”

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Paul Krizek is the Democratic Delegate representing the 44th House District of Mount Vernon and Lee. He was elected in 2015 and serves on the Courts of Justice and Counties, Cities and Towns committees of the House of Delegates.

  • Perseus1986

    In other news, my dog just endorsed Kibbles N. Bitts for the 49th district

    • Perseus1986

      In all seriousness, how is this relevant/newsworthy. It is just the opinions of 1 delegate not of any distinct leadership position and seemingly of no direct relation to the authorship of this blog, handpicking the people he knows. Guzman has raised about twice as much as Townsend despite Townsend having (presumably) more name recognition for having run in 2015. How does that make Townsend most likely to win in November? Despite all the language about transparency and being a party for all, the Virginia Democratic Party seems very much like a closed shop that is not too accepting of people who do not already hold office or are affiliated with those that do in some way. Look at the party’s initial response to Justin Fairfax’s campaign http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/government-politics/how-outsider-justin-fairfax-broke-through-the-democratic-party-in/article_672c7f1d-718b-53e2-890c-0f266eb61aec.html