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Video: Rep. McEachin on Environmental Justice, Neighbor-to-Neighbor Contact, LGBT Equality and the Church


My favorite member of Congress, other than perhaps my own superb Representative (Don Beyer; we’ll call it a tie between Beyer and Rep. Donald McEachin), makes some great points as always. Go Donald McEachin!

1. “The church has done an awful job and has actually, in my judgement, misrepresented Christ, especially in that area [of LGBT equality].”
2. President Trump “can’t even acknowledge that we were attacked by the Russians, [that] our sovereignty was attacked when they meddled with our elections.”
3. The most important thing that progressives can do to get involved and make a difference is “neighbor-to-neighbor contact.” McEachin adds that this was ” one of the things…missing from the Hillary Clinton campaign.
4. On his Climate and Environmental Justice task force, McEachin argues (correctly) that “folks who live in the margins are often disproportionately affected by climate change and as the ranking member said, they are not to be considered collateral damage as we try to repair this place we call Earth.”

  • DevotedSkeptic

    Amen! Preach.

  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) released this statement following EPA’s dismissal of scientific review board members and the Chesapeake Bay’s annual report:

    “The Environmental Protection Agency recently dismissed members of the scientific review board, which sends yet another signal that science and facts are easily disregarded and dismissed by this administration. Scientists determine the need for environmental protections based on facts and actual data. They do not have an economic interest in ignoring serious problems.

    “Today, the Chesapeake Bay, for the second year in a row received a grade of “C” for its health. While we need to see more improvement, this is at least a continuation of a passing grade. Without scientists making the determinations at the EPA, how can we possibly expect the Chesapeake Bay to become healthier, let alone maintain this merely passing grade?

    “The Chesapeake Bay is a source of jobs, tourism income, transportation and food for people of Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and neighboring states. The positive progress in this morning’s report confirms that when we use science and facts to correct the human impact on climate change, we will see results. Our goal is to get the Chesapeake Bay to an “A” rating and we need scientific oversight to do that. My support for a cleaner, safer, healthier Bay will never waiver.”