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“Mysterious PAC” Attacks Tom Perriello


This crap is completely unacceptable and appalling…see below for the Perriello campaign’s email asking for help in fighting back against the slime. I just donated and encourage everyone else to do the same.

The address listed for the company behind digital video ads that have been promoted on Facebook matches the address for SBDigital, a D.C. firm that employs Saslaw’s former campaign manager, Sam Sterling, as its director of campaigns and new media, according to the company’s website. Sterling and SBDigital did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The video ad, tagged “SBDigital – Bully 30” on the Virginians for a Better Future website, begins with a series of ominous headlines about President Donald Trump as a narrator says: “A bully threatens our way of life.”

“Who can we count on to stand up to Donald Trump? Not Tom Perriello,” the narrator says as a red “no” symbol appears over a photo of Perriello.

Tom Perriello for Governor


Richmond Times-Dispatch: “A mysterious PAC supporting Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary has launched a last-minute digital ad that attacks former U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello…”

Help us fight back against the dark money coming after Tom. Rush a contribution of $5 or more now:



It just broke that a shady dark money PAC, funded by anonymous donors, is spending more than $80,000 on an ad attacking Tom. This comes the day after our data shows Tom leading this race 37-36.

This makes it very clear: We have the momentum and those trying to stop us are scared — so they’re lashing out with a last-minute, desperate negative attack.

We have to fight back. That’s why we’re setting a goal to raise $30,000 to respond to this attack and double down on our organizing and ads. I’ll be honest, we’re already being outspent, and if we don’t respond, we could lose this race with just five days left.

Rush a contribution now towards our $30,000 rapid response goal and help us make sure a progressive is elected as Virginia’s next governor:



Thank you and let’s do this,

Julia Barnes
Campaign Manager


  • Erin Matson
    • Steven Hall

      How convenient for Northam… gets to appear magnanimous while simultaneously reaping the benefits of having this smear ad visible in the public domain. People should need to see through this “aww shucks” crap and see this move for what it truly is- a dirty, cowardly tactic by the Northam campaign. Vote Tom.

      • Jason Rylander

        Northam’s hands may be personally clean, but the ad makers are tied to some pretty notable supporters. Ah the “Virginia Way.”

        • Anonymous Is A Woman

          Whenever I hear “The Virginia Way” I want to barf. It is synonymous with cronyism and faux civility that does not extend to any real challenger of the status quo.

          When a would-be Democrat is friendlier to Republicans, as Saslaw is with Tommy Norment, than he is with fellow Democrats, you know “Virginia Way” stands for corruption and cronysim, not civility and respect.

          • If you hear someone use the phrase “Virginia Way” in any positive sense, you immediately know: 1) they probably have no clue what the “Virginia Way” actually means; or 2) they DO know and don’t care; or 3) they DO know and actually LIKE/PROFIT FROM this system of “legalized corruption.” Whether it’s #1, #2 or #3, it’s not a positive reflection on the person using “Virginia Way” as a supposed GOOD thing.

          • As for Saslaw, his amoral, pay-to-play, transactional corruption and cronyism basically epitomizes what the “Virginia Way” is REALLY about.

    • Melanie Spicer

      Everyone knows that’s bull.

  • Glen Bayless

    Everything is about a contribution..very discouraging

  • Melanie Spicer

    Is anyone challenging Dick Saslaw? Please?

    • He’s not up until 2019, but yeah…he needed to be primaried a loooooooooooooooong time ago!

  • Meredyth Hall

    I would like to see Northam’s letter to Terry McAullife and Dick Saslaw telling them that if they are in any way connected to this (which of course they are) they need to stop, and get their cronies to stop. These establishment antics are ruining the cohesion of the Democratic Party.

    • rva

      Requests and demands for unity after additional direct mail attacks incoming (this weekend, unless Northam is enough of a leader to be listened to) would be disingenuous, so expect Northam to lean right if wins primary. Perhaps Northam is trying to win the primary at the expense of losing the general – may seem crazy now but its a playbook that loses. Our country and state, not just those of us who vote in primaries, need the Democrats to get it together- stand for something, not against; (plus a giant list not writing out here now.)

  • Statement from Tom Perriello on Pro-Northam Group Attack Ads

    Perriello: ‘This Is Exactly the Kind of Thing That Correctly Disgusts People About Politics’

    Today, following a Richmond Times-Dispatch report that “a mysterious, pro-Northam PAC” has begun running negative ads attacking him, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia Tom Perriello released the following statement:

    “I have called for a positive campaign because we need to be united in the face of the unprecedented danger Donald Trump and Republicans in the legislature pose for Virginia. Today we learned that close associates and backers of Lt. Gov. Northam have launched a desperate last-minute negative campaign against me. This is exactly the kind of thing that correctly disgusts people about politics. Several days after these ads surfaced, the lieutenant governor issued a letter expressing opposition, when he more easily could have picked up the phone to ask his allies to take down these ads. I am asking the lieutenant governor to show leadership in shutting down this shady campaign by tomorrow and ensuring we live up to our shared promise to close this primary on a positive note.”