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Gillespie Outspending Northam 3:2 on TV; Koch Brothers Toss In $1.5 Million; Time for National Dems to Wake Up


Let’s just hope that most/all of this money (see below) being spent by Ed Gillespie and his corrupt pals, the Koch brothers, is being flushed down the toilet bowl. Personally, I’m highly skeptical about the efficacy of broadcast TV at a time when media is splintered, where people increasingly view content “on demand,” where you’re able to avoid watching broadcast TV ads, etc. But still…the following information from VPAP, both on the 3:2 advantage Gillespie has over Trump on broadcast TV and on the $1.5 million contribution by Gillespie’s corrupt pals the Koch brothers (much of which undoubtedly is going to digital) is at least a bit unnerving. I mean, in a year with such (supposedly) huge anti-Trump energy, where’s all the Democratic grassroots money with just 60 or so days to go until Virginia votes???

I mean, seriously: if Democrats were willing to contribute $23 million for a single House of Representatives seat (Ossoff), you’d think that they’d be willing to throw in far more for the Virginia governor’s mansion, Attorney General’s office and entire House of Delegates. Do national Dems, both “establishment” and grassroots, still mostly care about the White House and Congress – and not about the states, where we’ve been wiped out the past six years or so, and which are absolutely crucial both on their own merits and also for Congressional redistricting in four years? If so, what will it possibly take to get them to care? I’m baffled and frustrated, to be honest, as the concept that states are absolutely crucial – and that Virginia is the big state up for grabs this year – really “ain’t rocket science,” as the saying goes…

P.S. Just to be clear, I don’t believe that a money advantage (let alone a specific ration, like 3:2) necessarily determines the outcome of political contests, but ceteris parabis, I’d rather have more money than less.

  • Video: “Whoever” (“Ralph has been showing up for Virginians his whole career. Ed Gillespie shows up for whoever pays him.”)


  • Mike Dobozy

    Yep. Worth noting: less than half of Gillespie’s 2017 donations have come from VA residents (numbers here: http://www.vpap.org/candidates/28061/top-donors/out-of-state/map/?start_year=2017&end_year=2017&contrib_type=all). Gillespie’s going to owe a lot of people a lot of favors if he wins, and the majority of them aren’t Virginian.

  • Anonymous Is A Woman

    This is what continually hurts us. We are too focused, not even on Congress, but on the White House. We are watching, before our very eyes, as Obama’s legacy is being deliberately erased because so many of his programs had to be enacted by executive order once we lost the congressional majority in 2010. If Obama had a Democratic Congress to work with, those would have been laws, not executive orders, and would have been much harder to overturn, just as the current Congress failed to overturn Obamacare.

    But to help get to a Democratic Congress, you need to have Democratic state legislatures and governors to prevent the extreme gerrymandering. And those state offices serve as a bench from which fresh faces can move up to Congress and the White House.

    We need a new 50 state program. In fact, for my money, we need Howard Dean or somebody like him back. The last time we were actually successful at all levels was when he headed the DNC. When Obama won in 2008, it’s like the DNC just pulled back on everything that had brought them victory and reverted to the same losing strategy that cost them the White House and Congress in the past.

    • Agreed, but how do you get progressives to actually CARE about the states/localities, rather than just the White House and maybe Congress? It’s maddening – and VERY damaging.

      • Anonymous Is A Woman

        That’s the million dollar question. I wish I knew the answer. Maybe, though, by reminding them, every time Trump overturns an Obama executive order, that if Obama had had Democrats to work with, it would have been a law, not an order and it could not have been overturned with a pen in the Oval Office. And pointing out how impossible it was for Republicans to even get rid of The Affordable Care Act, because that was law, not an order. Show them the consequences of not winning at all levels.

        For example, TRAP Laws, and other anti-abortion measures that deny women access to adequate reproductive health care, without ever repealing the basic legal right to it, happen at the state level, not the federal level. A law can be on the federal books (Roe v Wade) but if states impede access, it might as well not exist.

        Right to Work laws that inhibit union organizing also occur at the state level. So show how state laws impact them and their progressive ideals. Concrete examples like that help to illustrate to progressives that a lot of their most cherished values and policies can only be implemented on state and local levels.

        • Of course, so-called “Right to Work laws” (or as Leslie Byrne correctly calls them, “Right to Be Poor laws”) are an example of why progressives might not be excited about donating to/working for/voting for Democrats. Here in Virginia, the fact is that most elected Democrats over the years have supported – even strongly supported – those “Right to Be Poor laws.” So what’s the difference between the parties on this issue? Hard to tell sometimes…

          • Anonymous Is A Woman

            It’s a very good point. Unfortunately, in the past it has been considered political suicide even for Democrats to oppose those anti-union laws. On that one, a lot will depend on changing public opinion too.

            By the way, public opinion has been growing more pro-labor again after a period around 2013 when unions were losing support. And I’ve seen some pro labor sentiment at least in Northern Virginia. It hasn’t translated into new laws or outright challenges to RTW, but I’ve seen candidates become more labor friendly now than they were in the 90s and early 2000s.

            A problem is labor has less financial and political clout than big corporations and political super PACs. What they are good at is GOTV efforts, especially union-to-union field efforts. That’s where they make a difference. But they don’t bring in the big bucks. And that hurts them.

  • ameri…canwork

    I like the Northram add;
    “If you commit a violent crime in Va you are going to jail no matter where you are from” Great but not enough!

    Retake the spot and add;
    **If you are Employing or Contracting illegally in Va you are going to PAY! , Va. will not be a State of payroll, insurance and tax fraud.**
    Let’s step it up!
    You do know of Executive Order 24 don’t you?
    Va. Job loss is not caused immigration it is caused by labor exploitatation/illegal employment.
    Stop being a softy or we will be stuck with Ed.