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Flashback to One of the Worst Days in US History (January 6, 2021). Thankfully, Ralph Northam – and NOT MAGA Glenn Youngkin – Was Governor of Virginia That Day!


Just imagine if Glenn Youngkin – who has repeatedly praised Donald Trump, said he’ll support Trump in 2024, etc. – and not Ralph Northam had been governor of Virginia on January 6, 2021?!? Shudddderrrr.  Also, see below for some flashbacks to that horrible day, one of the worst in our nation’s history. And remember, the assault on our democracy by Trump and his unhinged allies did not begin OR END on January 6, 2021 – quite the contrary, it’s very much ongoing, a *grave* menace that we must defeat this November!

Can anyone even imagine how Youngkin would have behaved on January 6, 2021?!?

That’s right, VA State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) – an ally of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s – was hanging out with the leader of the Oath Keepers on the evening before January 6, 2021

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