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Friday News: “Gillespie’s ads are poisonous to Virginia and the nation”; Fairfax Changes Name of “JEB Stuart High School” To “Justice”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, October 27.

  • DLCC Announces Major Milestone in Virginia
    Candidates for Virginia House of Delegates surpass 1 million doors mark

    WASHINGTON — Today DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post shared news from the ground in Virginia: State legislative candidates, their staff, and thousands of volunteers have knocked on more than 1 million doors and made over 500,000 calls to voters this year alone.

    “This is a big milestone moment for Virginia Democrats and our candidates for the House of Delegates,” said Post. “The DLCC made sure to invest early in Virginia, so that campaigns could hire the field staff needed to start implementing strong field operations and reach voters as soon as possible. We’ve been helping campaigns access the data, trainings, and strategic advice they need to be successful on the ground. We’re seeing a groundswell of support and optimism from candidates and volunteers all over the country, and we ready to keep that momentum going through Election Day on Nov. 7 and into 2018.”

    The DLCC continues to lay the groundwork for substantial gains in 2017 and 2018 in statehouses nationwide. Since Trump’s inauguration, Democrats have successfully flipped eight legislative seats from red to blue and overperformed in the vast majority of legislative special elections. State Democrats recently scored critical victories in Iowa, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. The DLCC looks forward to continuing its support of Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, and beyond as they build on Democrats’ winning momentum heading into the 2018 elections. You can learn more about critical upcoming elections and follow DLCC’s Spotlight Races at races.dlcc.org.

  • Esther Ferington

    Fix to your headline: New name for high school is Justice, not Liberty, per the link. Either way, a good change.

    • Thanks for catching that, my bad! Fixed.

  • Right wingnut who went to the mat for Confederate general name now pretends to be champion of People of Color? No sense of irony…or shame.


    • Perseus1986

      It was disgusting following that story on Thursday night just how much foot dragging there was on the issue, with board members who kept bringing up the question “what about Stuart?” And who is Stuart if not JEB? As an Arlington Co. resident and Northern transplant, I feel somewhat insulated, that I’m not really in the South until I get into the western reaches of Prince William County, however, on Thursday it really felt like 1861 lines redrawn. And also what is frustrating is that this was a one off thing while a full on “Robert E. Lee High School” is right in Springfield. SMH

  • Andy Schmookler

    About this GOP “civil war,” I’m feeling quite uncertain how all this is going to play out.

    More specifically, I’m wondering whether the recent developments — which people are characterizing as the more sane Republicans being driven out, while the GOP presumably becomes “the Party of Trump” –represent a positive (or negative) step with respect to the goal I’ve been hoping for (and working toward, in my small way) for many years: namely, the destruction of the Republican Party in the form it has
    assumed over the past generation.

    Trump is terrible, true. But the GOP has been increasingly terrible for a
    generation. The party of Gingrich/Rove/W/Delay/Cheney had already been damaging
    America for years before Trump took to the stage.

    I did not believe that Trump would win, but I did think that — win or lose —
    Trump’s getting the nomination would lead to one kind of disintegration or
    another of the Republican Party.

    Now he’s president. The base is sticking with Trump, driving those — like
    Corker and Flake– who have enough decency to find the Trump presidency
    intolerable, to retire. And the rest of the Party is clinging to the monstrosity their electorate loves. Meanwhile, Bannon and McConnell declare war on each other.

    How does this play out? Is this how the ugliest elements of our body politic
    will get a greater grip on power? Or is this how the Party that’s been taken
    over by (I think it right to call it) an “evil force” will self-destruct? (And is there a role the Democrats can be playing to help assure that it will be the second?)

    The dynamics at play here are not at all clear to me.

    • I tend to agree with Mark Shields and David Brooks, who just basically declared that this week was the GOP’s Appomattox, complete surrender to Trump, civil war – such as it was – over.

      • Andy Schmookler

        I do not believe that the idea that the civil war is over answers my question.

        I will skip over the matter of whether or not the struggle over the GOP is, in fact, finished. There is Bannon’s threatened war against incumbent GOP senators, and there is the announced McConnell PAC’s plan to go after Bannon. In addition, between now and the beginning of 2019, there are these retiring GOP Senators (plus McCain, who is likely dying) who may or may not use their freedom from the base to go after Trump and/or where the Party is heading. (And who knows what dramatic events might change the complexion of the situation that induces the careerist, opportunist Republicans NOW to “surrender to Trump.”

        But let’s grant for the moment that the domination of the Party by Trump is a done deal, as you report Shields and Brooks as saying.

        My question has to do with whether the Republican Party will self-destruct. It doesn’t have to be through intra-party strife. A Party unified in support of this terrible, lying, unpopular, reckless, dangerous President does not have any secure future guaranteed to it.

        In terms of the dynamics that may play out in the future, the Party’s embrace of Trump may be the scenario that leads to the death of the GOP. (Or it could create the vehicle by which the United States travels further down the path to ruin and/or fascism and/or World War III.

        As I say, I feel uncertain how this will play out. But if I had to bet, I’d wager that while tying themselves to Trump will prove to be the means to these politicians’ SHORT TERM survival, it is more likely than not to lead to lasting (possibly fatal) damage to the Party itself in the long-term.