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Sunday News: Trump Allies Losing Their Minds Over Mueller; VA Dems Sweep Sunday Endorsements; “Gillespie’s descent into gutter tactics”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, October 29.

  • Potentially good news on the early voting front from Arlington County. As of the end of Saturday (yesterday), I’m told that Arlington County had “about 6,000 people [who] have voted [early], which is about double what [Arlington] had 4 years ago. This is just in person, the mail-ins are also up.” Also, in enormous (one-seventh the population of Virginia), “blue” Fairfax County, as of Friday, 22,608 had voted early, up from 13,646 a week earlier.

    Note that any analysis of how Democrats win statewide in Virginia invariably includes one key factor: running up the margin of victory in deep-blue areas like populous Arlington County and Fairfax County. In 2016, for instance, Hillary Clinton won Virginia by 212k votes total, with margins of 72k in Arlington and 198k in Fairfax — far more (270k-212k=58k) combined than her statewide margin of victory. Add in Prince William County, Loudoun County, Alexandria, Richmond City, Charlottesville, and Hampton Roads and hopefully, if you’re a Democrat, you’ve built up an insurmountable lead that Republicans can’t overcome in the 6th CD, 9th CD, etc.

    • Frank Anderson

      Volunteers in Fairfax County look at the lists of those who have cast ballots thus far. At this point, while not revealing exact numbers, we can say that more than half, and possibly a good deal more than that, of the absentee votes have been cast by folks who are most likely Democratic voters.

      This is despite the fact that absentee voters overall have tended to be older and more conservative. In Fairfax, we’ve expanded the locations and times that one can vote absentee in-person, and we have been promoting it so it’s getting more popular every year.

      For details, visit fairfaxdemocrats.org/voteearly .

      • Excellent, keep up the great work and let’s win this thing!

      • A_Siegel

        Students … know (of) many University students who were passionate about making sure they had their absentee ballots. No idea what difference is/isn’t from past VA elections.