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Tuesday News: Emotional Jimmy Kimmel on Las Vegas Mass Shooting; “More madness, more cowardice”; #TomPettyRIP


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 3.

  • Video: Stephen Colbert says we need courage from Trump after Las Vegas.


  • Video: Trevor Responds to the Las Vegas Shooting


  • Quizzical

    Re attack may be first mass shooting in US with an automatic weapon, what about the St. Valentine’s Day massacre in Chicago?

  • Washingtonian desperately tries to humanize Ed Gillespie, but apparently corporations (or corporate tools) are not particularly human.


  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement about Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s official activities:

    “I am extremely concerned that Administrator Pruitt, who should, as a member of the President’s Cabinet, represent Americans instead spends his time wining, dining and meeting with industry and corporate executives and lobbyists. Lobbyists and corporations have a specific agenda – to enhance their clients’ wallets, not necessarily to do what’s best for the American people.

    “Mr. Pruitt has been charged with an enormous and critical responsibility –to protect our environment, to maintain an environment that is healthy for all and to ensure access to basic needs like clean air and water. While industry representatives have a role in that, the Administrator must outreach to those who represent the American people and their needs. Mr. Pruitt apparently has prioritized meeting with lobbyists and representatives of wealthy companies and trade associations over the EPA’s mission to ‘protect human health and the environment.’ Fancy meals, rides on corporate jets, speeches at industry getaways, none of these further his responsibility, they just enhance his lifestyle.

    “Mr. Pruitt needs to do his job and spend time with hearing all sides and weighing all viewpoints to do his duty.”

  • Dan Rather:

    Human deaths are not a scoreboard tally. An island dealing with no power and no drinking water is a catastrophe. You don’t feel the enormity of a situation sitting in an airplane hanger. And you don’t tell people dealing with a life and death crisis that they are throwing the U.S. budget out of whack – especially after unveiling a tax bill with billions of giveaways to the very wealthy.

    Yet that is exactly what President Trump did, and much more, on a short hop over to Puerto Rico that was more about optics than action. Judged on this visit and all that preceded it, there is an emerging view among many Americans that the President really doesn’t seem to care much for the plight of the millions on the island who face great uncertainty and insecurity in the weeks and months to come. Many experts in disaster relief feel that the death toll will climb unless there is more help, fast. Yet Mr. Trump shrugged off 16 reported deaths so far (the number is almost assuredly higher) when compared to the “thousands” who died in “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”

    And then the President did what he always seems to do, boasted about how well he is doing. It is incumbent on the press to keep the story of Puerto Rico in front of the American people and policy makers. This is something that will not pass soon, and we will continue to bring you regular updates on this page.