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Video: Latino Man Dragged Out as Ed Gillespie Confronted About His Viciously Anti-Immigrant Ads, Rhetoric, Policies


The Latinos speaking out at this event yesterday at the Prince William County Community Block Party (see video below, starting around 1:30) were absolutely on point: 1) Virginia Republicans clearly support detaining/deporting undocumented/harrassing immigrants; 2) Gillespie et al’s fearmongering TV ads make Latinos “look like criminals” and are disgusting, unacceptable, racist, etc.; 3) Republicans are “criminalizing our people.”

I’d also point out that the guy who drags the CASA in Action person out by the arm is wayyyy out of line — you can’t just grab someone like that, as far as I’m aware, especially when they’re simply exercising their right to question a candidate for high office. Note that Ed Gillespie doesn’t protest the Latino man being dragged out, doesn’t say “cut it out, let him speak” or “take your hands off of him” or anything of the sort. Pathetic, cowardly non-leadership as usual from Gillespie…

P.S. Also see below for a short statement by CASA in Action about what happened yesterday:

BREAKING: CASA In Action and allied organizations held Ed Gillespie directly accountable today, in person, with regard to his demonization of immigrant communities in Virginia. Video of the encounter is being processed now and we will share with important details ASAP. Stay tuned!

  • Danny Francel

    Taking out the trash is what that’s called.

    • old_redneck

      Thanks, Danny, for showing us what Republicans are REALLY like.

    • SecludedCompound

      Your antifascist swine movement is dead. Keep running and crying, you pathetic wimp.

  • From Luis Angel Aguilar of CASA in Action:

    For those critical of the action yesterday in which we confronted Ed Gillespie over his racist political ads. Note: the intent here was not to damage the event but was to call out the racist and abhorrent political ads produced by the Gillespie campaign criminalizing the Latinx community.

    I encourage you to stand behind your words, if you are going to stand with the immigrant community and talk about diversity, stand with our people that are being incarcerated, detained and deported.

    People may have their viewpoints about how to engage politicians, however, when politicians that have put out racist ads that criminalize a whole community is incredibly abhorrent and they should be confronted.

    It is easy to sit under privilege of not fearing deportation ripping families apart to say and “let’s sit and talk” when they have already deployed such disgusting ads that say KILL, RAPE, CONTROL. The fact is that they produced it with the clear intention of scapegoating Latino immigrants using Trump & Stewart-like tactics.

    I was in the General Assembly and observed the vote on HB2000, the anti-sanctuary cities bill (https://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?171+sum+HB2000) and when Senator Norment switched his vote to get Ralph on board so they could use his vote during the election. It was clear that it was a political tactic to use for the elections to continue tying immigration with criminalization and continue thrashing the dignity of a people, in this case that being of those of the illegalized community.

    We are not going to just stand idly by and watch this game being played out and let it be politics as usual, we will let people know at their doors what game Ed is playing, we will spread the message and when he is politicking at any public event I encourage folks to question his true values, because so far he has demonstrated what those are.
    And I haven’t even begun talking about his running mates who stand against those that have DACA such as I in the goal of getting a higher education and getting instate tuition.

    In conclusion, I do not wish to continue this conversation online, but actions do many times speak louder than words.

    When there was a refugee notification resettlement bill in the General Assembly I know of very few that spoke to Del. Anderson about it to getting it pulled out.

    When we said that we were going to stand up alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters for we are one oppressed people, we did, we do, and we will.

    What is Ed’s stance on the Muslim ban? I know where we were in January when it was being implemented:

    Also in March, in Richmond where a key court case was hearing the Muslim ban, we were there: https://www.facebook.com/moveon/videos/10154390220140493/ (Minute 55)

    I encourage you to stand alongside us through action if that is truly what you believe for “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • MilitaryVeteran

    Can anyone spell . . . RINO? Virginians are facing a desperate decision. The folks of Virginia have suffered Obama and Clinton influence in state politics as represented by the disgrace called Governor McAuliffe. The only way to avoid a worse choice, Ralph Northam, is to vote for the RINO, Ed Gillespie. Democrats should never be allowed political power – which has been well-documented for the past eight years. RINOs are the unfortunate product of weaknesses in the GOP – but sane citizens have no other choice. I can already hear the Democrap exploding heads after this hits the comments!

    • notjohnsmosby

      So voters should vote for the white supremacists?