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Video: Latino Man Dragged Out as Ed Gillespie Confronted About His Viciously Anti-Immigrant Ads, Rhetoric, Policies


The Latinos speaking out at this event yesterday at the Prince William County Community Block Party (see video below, starting around 1:30) were absolutely on point: 1) Virginia Republicans clearly support detaining/deporting undocumented/harrassing immigrants; 2) Gillespie et al’s fearmongering TV ads make Latinos “look like criminals” and are disgusting, unacceptable, racist, etc.; 3) Republicans are “criminalizing our people.”

I’d also point out that the guy who drags the CASA in Action person out by the arm is wayyyy out of line — you can’t just grab someone like that, as far as I’m aware, especially when they’re simply exercising their right to question a candidate for high office. Note that Ed Gillespie doesn’t protest the Latino man being dragged out, doesn’t say “cut it out, let him speak” or “take your hands off of him” or anything of the sort. Pathetic, cowardly non-leadership as usual from Gillespie…

P.S. Also see below for a short statement by CASA in Action about what happened yesterday:

BREAKING: CASA In Action and allied organizations held Ed Gillespie directly accountable today, in person, with regard to his demonization of immigrant communities in Virginia. Video of the encounter is being processed now and we will share with important details ASAP. Stay tuned!


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