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Virginia House Democrats Flex Strength With New TV Ad Buys in Final Week of Campaign


From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

House Democrats Flex Strength With New TV Ad Buys in Final Week of Campaign

The campaigns of Shelly Simonds and Kelly Fowler this week hit TV in Hampton Roads, bringing the total number of Democratic challengers on television to ten.

Simonds’ ad, entitled “Care,” holds Delegate David Yancey accountable for his vote to deny health care to 400,000 Virginians and affirms Simonds’ commitment to ensuring that all Virginians can afford to see a doctor when they are sick. The ad can be viewed HERE.

Fowler’s ad, entitled “Busted,” highlights that Delegate Ron Villanueva owned a company that federal officials alleged was secretly controlled by another firm in order to fraudulently obtain contracts set aside for women-owned businesses. The firm in question recently settled the suit for $16 million, one of the largest fraud settlements in history. The ad can be viewed HERE.

“We are running strong campaigns in every corner of the Commonwealth, including all 17 Republican-held districts that Hillary Clinton won last year,” said Trent Armitage, executive director of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus. “With the addition of these ads from Shelly and Kelly, we are now on air in four media markets – spanning from southwest to Richmond to Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads. Over this final week, we will continue our aggressive efforts to connect with voters in every way possible – including, and most importantly – at their doors.”

The ads are both six figure buys and will run on broadcast television in the Norfolk media market. They will also run on various digital platforms with support from Forward Majority.

  • Jeremiah Soria

    Although hope springs eternal, I just wish they had done this earlier in the campaign than one week before Election Day. This is a constant problem for Democrats, that they’re always late in striking back at the opposition’s negative ads, and when they do strike back, it’s almost never hard enough to actually make a dent in the results on Election Day. It’s not enough to just rely on the negative job rating of the current president – they needed to hit back on the unsavory things their opponents have accused them of, early, often, and effectively. (Disclosure: I supported and preferred Tom Brock for Delegate in HD-21.)

  • Video: Shelly Simonds a much better choice than David Yancey


  • Laura Lee

    I’m not sure how effective this will be
    We are so inundated with political ads I just tune them out
    Prime time on 12 news counted 8 in a row