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Here We Go Again…Heavy Police Presence for Meeting on Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Just like for the hearings last week on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline…what on earth are Dominion Energy and the other pro-pipeline forces so worried about? 60-70 year olds coming to testify against the environment-trashing pipelines and to try and protect our planet from rapacious greed? Yeah, so dangerous, huh? I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on today’s Virginia State Water Control Board meeting on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). To understand why the ACP is such a terrible idea, see Lopez and Rasoul: Pipeline not worth cost to Virginians, Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Environmental Racism, and the Appalling Silence of the Good People, McAuliffe’s Folly: The Atlantic “Trump” Pipeline, New Report: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Part of a Widespread, Systemic Market Failure, Doing the Math: Dominion’s and FERC’s Own Numbers Tell Us the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a Budget Buster, “The Science is as Clear as a Mountain Stream:” 500 Show Up Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Demand DEQ Do Its Job, Audio: Dominion Fracked Gas Pipeline Approval Process All a Big “Sham”; “The propaganda of big business is just overpowering”, etc, etc.

  • From the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN):

    This past week, the Virginia Water Control Board voted to approve the permit for the dangerous and unneeded Mountain Valley Pipeline for fracked gas. We strongly condemn this decision, and the McAuliffe Administration’s support for the pipeline.

    Next week, the Virginia Water Control Board will hold another round of hearings, this time on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We have one last shot to make our voices heard and stand up against fracked-gas pipelines in Virginia.

    Our legal challenges could be the final chance to stop these monstrous pipelines that threaten our climate, water, and most vulnerable communities. But Governor McAuliffe has the authority to stop these pipelines. We need to make him see the light.

    Join us Monday, December 11th at 6:30 pm for a candlelight vigil at the Governor’s Mansion. Come after work, come when you can, invite your friends! Show the Governor the moral light and urge him to reject these pipelines once and for all.

    We’ll gather on Governor’s Street behind the mansion and make our way over together.

  • Coffeeguyzz .

    Shame that you folks are so much against this emplacement of a pipe that will bring so many benefits to your area.
    Next week (last week of December) New Englanders will be facing a bitter cold spell.
    Not only will their successful resistance to gas pipelines continue to prompt skyrocketing electricity bills, a large number of their most vulnerable residents will be imperiled by heat scarcity.
    You are being fed a pack of scaremongering falsehoods.

    • Lame fossil fuel propaganda – a lump of coal so to speak – for Christmas. Oh joy!

      • Coffeeguyzz .

        Speaking of lumps of coal ..
        Right this moment, 10:00 AM Christmas morning, Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents are paying over $200 Mwh wholesale spot electricity.
        Short car ride away, residents sitting atop largest gas resources on the planet, are paying almost 10 times less – $23 Mwh in the PJM region.
        These numbers are quickly accessed on the PJM and New England ISO sites.
        I will never understand why so many intelligent, sincere people can be so disconnected from reality.

        • USA’s cheapest solar power in Austin, Texas – ~2.5¢/kWh for 150MW of solar electricity

          Solar panel prices plunge by a shocking 26 percent in one year: Wind power keeps getting cheaper, too.

          Report: Wind, solar are cheapest options, NOW (“Don’t believe the fake news hype about cheap coal and natural gas! A new report out by energy industry experts, Lazard Associates, shows that wind power and solar power are now the lowest cost energy resources – period.”)

          2017 showed the global clean energy revolution is unstoppable no matter what Trump does

          Cheapest electricity on the planet is Mexican (actually) wind power at 1.77¢/kWh

          Updated: Mexico’s Energy Auction Just Logged the Lowest Solar Power Price on the Planet

          • Coffeeguyzz .

            … Three most expensive places in the world for electricity are South Australia, Denmark, and Germany.
            Coincidentally biggest users of renewables.
            When the ITCs, PTCs and coercive PPAs are history,
            civilized societies will look back in wonder at the cult of Ra and Zephyr worshippers.

          • You’re just being ridiculous. What people will look back on is the insanity of burning fossil fuels that are destroying a habitable planet.

          • Coffeeguyzz .

            Had not the Sierra Club recoiled in disdain when news surfaced that Chesapeake Energy surreptitiously gave tens of millions of dollars to your outfit, things today could be not only different, but far more amicable in going forth with comity in the best accepted fashion for our children’s futures.

            Natgas and renewables can make some operational sense when working in tandem.
            The scorched earth obstructionist policies embraced by your colleagues has prompted a fierce blowback that is only in the early days of implementation.

            The Midwest transmission wires are not being permitted.
            The several crucial northeast and southeast transmission lines are facing mounting, costly delays.

            Set aside the absolutely off the chart costs (and I HIGHLY recommend readers to jot down construction costs, nameplate versus operational capacities, lifetime use, operational expenses – hugely expensive – and compare these numbers to a run of the mill, 1,200 Mw CCGT plant being built in your area). Cost differentials will knock your socks off.

            Best of all, is the drama heading your comrades’ way when – in true Alinsky fashion – your tactics are used against you.

            Max Planck Institute now has measurable, objective data showing cortical and sub cortical damage caused by infra sound?
            Get the lawyers on the phone.

            Ultimately, facts become irrelevant when liability exposure, funding endangerment, insurance issues arise.

            Biggest whale die off on US east coast coincides with RI wind farm start up?
            Dozens of whales washing ashore in North Sea?
            Ya mean that big grey blob wuz Dory’s mommy???

            Facts will, once again, recede in importance when Melissa McCarthy type Eco Warriors are on the job.

            Popcorn heating right now in my natgas sourced micro wave.

          • Coffeeguyzz .

            Real world consequences … Santa is gonna give the electric bill in a few weeks to New Englanders that will reflect the $150+ Mwh cost they have been charged all day (wholesale spot).
            PJM folks, few hours west and south are paying today about 22 bucks for the same product, ie, electricity.
            Suggest one and all watch temperatures in coming days as acute gas shortage is a real threat up New England way.

          • South Australia: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/south-australia-will-have-highest-power-prices-in-the-world-after-july-1-increases/news-story/876f9f6cefce23c62395085c6fe0fd9f

            “[Utilities expert Bruce] Mountain said debate about the impact of green energy as a cause of high prices was a ‘phony war’ and the main reason for the problem was weak control of electricity companies by government and government bodies, which did not protect the consumer.

          • Meanwhile, check out “Wind Power Is Now The Cheapest Energy In India” (https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/2017/12/21/wind-power-is-now-the-cheapest-energy-in-india)

            “Wind power prices fell to its lowest and below the cheapest solar tariffs in the fourth round of auctions, putting more pressure on turbine makers as developers are expected to negotiate already-falling equipment prices.”

          • And, of course http://www.tigercomm.us/insights/2017/11/8858

            Lazard’s New 2017 Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis Shows Solar, Wind Costs Falling Further Below Fossil-Fired, Nuclear Power