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Here We Go Again…Heavy Police Presence for Meeting on Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Just like for the hearings last week on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline…what on earth are Dominion Energy and the other pro-pipeline forces so worried about? 60-70 year olds coming to testify against the environment-trashing pipelines and to try and protect our planet from rapacious greed? Yeah, so dangerous, huh? I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on today’s Virginia State Water Control Board meeting on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). To understand why the ACP is such a terrible idea, see Lopez and Rasoul: Pipeline not worth cost to Virginians, Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Environmental Racism, and the Appalling Silence of the Good People, McAuliffe’s Folly: The Atlantic “Trump” Pipeline, New Report: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Part of a Widespread, Systemic Market Failure, Doing the Math: Dominion’s and FERC’s Own Numbers Tell Us the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a Budget Buster, “The Science is as Clear as a Mountain Stream:” 500 Show Up Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Demand DEQ Do Its Job, Audio: Dominion Fracked Gas Pipeline Approval Process All a Big “Sham”; “The propaganda of big business is just overpowering”, etc, etc.


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