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Thursday News: “The Great American Tax Heist”; “Trump celebrates tax bill with very creepy, cult-like cabinet meeting”; “Obama’s Lesson for Virginia”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, December 21.

  • Quizzical
    • woodrowfan

      that’s impossible! Why, part of the Atlantic Coast of North America had snow in Winter, proving climate change is a hoax by the Chinese and Greenpeace and somebody…

  • Quizzical

    Gazprom rushing gas pipeline construction.


    Seems like a common theme. Could it be that oil barons everywhere are worried about the risk of stranded assets?

  • True Blue

    The People’s House will need a thorough “cleansing” or exorcism after the current cult of corruption leaves.

  • Virginia State Board of Elections to choose winner in HD94 – and control of Virginia House of Delegates – on 12/27, NOT with “coin flip” as some have erroneously stated, but by pulling a film cannister with one of the candidate’s names from a bowl.


  • Jim B

    Will results of the GOP tax scam show up before the next election? If people get some tax relief by the IRS changing withholdings they may not be inclined to throw the bums out.

  • Where Trump’s buffoonery, bluster and bumbling has left us in the world – almost completely isolated


  • From the VA House Dems:

    Recount in “Irreparably Tainted” House Race Narrows Margin With Lawsuit Pending

    STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. – The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today issued the following statements following a recount in HD-28 that resulted in a net gain of nine votes for Democratic nominee Rev. Joshua Cole:

    “Today’s recount cut the margin to only 73 votes, approximately half of the 147 misassigned ballots cast in this race,” said Cole, an area pastor. “We know that there were 61 ballots included in this total from voters living in the 88th District. We also know there were 86 voters whose ballots should have been counted today but they were instead given ballots for two other House Districts. The Washington Post Editorial Board has rightfully called these results ‘irreparably tainted’ and we agree. This fight is not over until every vote is cast and counted in the proper district. The only way that can happen is with a new election. We look forward to the court’s decision Jan. 5. ”

    “We will continue to fight both for Joshua and for Delegate-elect Shelly Simonds, the rightful winner in HD-94,” said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “The majority remains in play, and we hope to achieve just results for the voters in both these districts.”

  • James McCarthy

    The GOP tax legislation is a clever strategy to increase worker take home pay for about nine months in 2018 before the mid-terms. You can hear the ad messages now. Dems must develop messages equally powerful to money in the pockets of voters as they enter the polls. With increased take home, the radical right will be more inclined to advance spending cuts in SS and Medicare/Medicaid as threats to the increased take home money.

  • RobertColgan

    Wow. That lead video is just as embarrassing as they come.
    I’d be surprised if Trump didn’t suffer intestinal blockage with Pence’s head stuck so far up his ass.