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VA-06 GOP Candidate Shows His True, Extreme, Crazy Colors


Really, the following two Facebook posts are all you need to know about Republican VA-06 candidate Ben Cline. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would BRAG about being endorsed by a) the bats***-crazy extremist Dick Black (see VA Dems Call on Ed Gillespie to Renounce Support From War Criminal-Defending Dick Black) and/or b) the Koch brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” (aka, “Americans for Enriching the Rich, Screwing Everyone Else, Plus Trashing the Planet While We’re At It”)?  Republican VA-06 candidate Ben Cline, that’s who. Ugh.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Dick Black, a fellow conservative ally in the General Assembly and a friend who never waivers from his core principles. He had this to say about his support:

“Ben Cline is a principled constitutional conservative and would be a tremendous asset for our movement in Congress. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Ben in Richmond, and have witnessed first-hand his commitment to our cause and our shared values of limited government and economic prosperity. I also know him to be an upstanding, moral family man who cares deeply about the traditional values important to so many Virginians. I could not be more excited to be supporting Ben Cline, and I hope conservatives from not only the 6th Congressional District but Virginia and the rest of the country join me in doing so.” Let’s just hope a miracle happens next year and Democrats somehow are able to win in the deep-red VA-06. If not, we will be replacing one horrible member of Congress (Bob BADlatte) with one potentially even worse, if that’s humanly possible.

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BREAKING – Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity* has endorsed Ben Cline for Congress!

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  • James McCarthy

    I was a conservative many decades ago in NYC. I cannot recall when the movement became populated with insanity and insane folks but it’s clear it’s happened. To me, conservatism meant peaceful social progress. Today, it represents a recidivist view of society, one returning our nations to darker times and led by odd balls. Cline and Black are stereotypical of the leadership and related to Brat and Jackson and Stewart in extremism. It’s a good thing they are out there so we know what they are saying.