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VA-06 GOP Candidate Shows His True, Extreme, Crazy Colors


Really, the following two Facebook posts are all you need to know about Republican VA-06 candidate Ben Cline. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would BRAG about being endorsed by a) the bats***-crazy extremist Dick Black (see VA Dems Call on Ed Gillespie to Renounce Support From War Criminal-Defending Dick Black) and/or b) the Koch brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” (aka, “Americans for Enriching the Rich, Screwing Everyone Else, Plus Trashing the Planet While We’re At It”)?  Republican VA-06 candidate Ben Cline, that’s who. Ugh.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Dick Black, a fellow conservative ally in the General Assembly and a friend who never waivers from his core principles. He had this to say about his support:

“Ben Cline is a principled constitutional conservative and would be a tremendous asset for our movement in Congress. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Ben in Richmond, and have witnessed first-hand his commitment to our cause and our shared values of limited government and economic prosperity. I also know him to be an upstanding, moral family man who cares deeply about the traditional values important to so many Virginians. I could not be more excited to be supporting Ben Cline, and I hope conservatives from not only the 6th Congressional District but Virginia and the rest of the country join me in doing so.” Let’s just hope a miracle happens next year and Democrats somehow are able to win in the deep-red VA-06. If not, we will be replacing one horrible member of Congress (Bob BADlatte) with one potentially even worse, if that’s humanly possible.

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BREAKING – Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity* has endorsed Ben Cline for Congress!

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