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Frigid Friday News: Biden Says Trump’s Moved Us Closer to Nuclear War Than Ever; “Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He’s an Idiot”; “Fight for Virginia House continues with court hearing”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for this frigid Friday, January 5. Stay warm!

  • LaureenMT

    From the Seattle Times article about HD28:
    Local elections officials who oppose ordering a special election say the voters who filed suit should have taken action before Election Day to have their House district assignment corrected. – Really? Voters should take action when BOE knew of the problem and did nothing?

  • Quizzical

    Drill baby drill
    Guess Deepwater Horizon is down the memory hole. Republicans got a lot of mileage back then, blaming Obama for that.

  • ThePopulist

    On a more important note, the December jobs report is out. Trump created 148,000 in December. In spite of all the trumps claims about his deregulation, the pipelines being built, lower taxes, stopping immigration, the trade deficit, the economy is booming under trump claims. Well, Obama created 156,000 jobs last December.

    In spite of the all the trump claims about the his allowing the oil pipelines to be built, deregulating fracking, opening up drilling in Alaska, crude oil prices are now higher than they were when trump moved into the White House. This translates into higher gasoline and diesel prices at the gas pump. Prices which are now substantially higher than Jan.20 when trump came in.

    • Yet again, Trump doing worse than Obama on just about everything…

      • Jim Portugul

        Not only more jobs for December. Obama created more jobs for the same time period in 2016 than Trump did in his 11 months in 2017. Somewhere around 150-200,000 more jobs than Trump.

        The price of WTI crude oil was $52.66 on Jan.3, 2017, under Obama. Today, the price is $62.01 under trump. In spite of Republicans selling out to big oil.

        All this in spite of opening the treasury and White House to big oil, Dominion, and Wall St.. Trump has his hands in my pockets.

        • Yet the Trump fanatics will never admit that Obama could possibly have been better (let alone in every way) than their phony hero.

  • Nope, nothing racist here….move right along! Heh.