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Video: Meet Karen Mallard, the Real Deal for Congress in VA-02


by Susan Mariner

Seven years ago I was seated next to then President of the Virginia Beach Education Association Dominic Melito at a Virginia Beach City Council meeting when a woman rose to address the council members on the subject of education-related funding. I sat in awe as I watched this woman speak with passion, clarity, and eloquence.

When she finished, I turned to my friend Dominic (who’ll be serving as Legislative Aide for incoming Delegate Cheryl Turpin – great choice Cheryl!). Astonished I asked, “Woah. Who was THAT?”

Dominic replied with a puzzled look on his face, “You don’t know Karen Mallard?”

And that was my first exposure to someone I have come to admire in ways I can hardly express. Karen is the REAL DEAL. She is known to, loved and respected by thousands of people throughout the 2nd District. It would be difficult to overstate the profound and positive influence Karen has had on our community in her 30 years of service to it.

Karen combines toughness with a compassionate heart. Her energy and passion are remarkable. Karen is a woman of her word – what she says is what she means – what she says she will do, she does. And her ability to simultaneously think clearly AND feel deeply makes her truly special.

Karen embodies the best of what the Democratic Party stands for.

I can think of no person I would rather see representing Virginia and fighting for all Americans in Congress than Karen Mallard.

Please take a moment to meet Karen Mallard, teacher for Congress, through this just-released video:


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